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My internet is so incredibly slow (Virginia Beach, VA)

My Apartment Complex has us using Verizon internet, so everything goes through them. I've complained twice but nothing has happened.

It's slow at all times, but during peak hours it has become completely ridiculous.

I tested tonight (Saturday at 10 pm): 

Ping 141 Download speed .08 Mbps Upload Speed .41 Mbps

I'm just trying to see if there's anything I can check to see if it's on my end or it's the ISP. Outside of peak hours it's only 1-2 Mbps download which is still pretty much crap.

The plan is called High speed DSL

edit: Router is called a Joohong Superlink2810. It's the one issued to me by my Apartment.

Here's my traceroute:

traceroute to (my IP), 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 ( 0 ms 0 ms 0 ms
2 ( 0 ms 0 ms 0 ms
3 ( 6 ms ( 6 ms ( 6 ms
4 ( 6 ms ( 6 ms ( 6 ms
5 ( 6 ms * 6 ms
6 * * *



so after looking at that it would appear my apartment complex is lieing to me and we are using cox? Someone confirm this with me

Re: My internet is so incredibly slow (Virginia Beach, VA)
Super User
Super User

If the trace doesn't show anything but Cox at the end of it (where it gets to the Asterisks or final hop) then you're likely on some sort of Cox circuit. The Joohong Superlink 2810 is also a DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem so it sounds like you do in fact have some sort of Cable Internet service. In the past Verizon Business used to sell a Coaxial-based Internet product similar to Cable Internet but  I'm pretty sure that is defunct now or is very expensive to offer.

Definitely double check what you have to see if you do have service through Verizon or not if it's resold through the apartment complex. Also if you're using Wireless make sure you're not on someone else's connection. Back in the day that was very common in my neighborhood since many routers were called "Linksys" or "NETGEAR" and ran with no security.

Also, be aware if you're on a VPN, a proxy or have a router between your modem and your computer tunnelling traffic over a VPN. That will affect both your speeds AND the above traceroutes.

Re: My internet is so incredibly slow (Virginia Beach, VA)
Specialist - Level 3

I'm next door in Chesapeake, VA.  Just ran a tracert to and  Nothing "Cox" showed up in either one.