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New FiOS service - modem disconnects multiple times per day

My building just got FiOS last week and I was the first one in the building to get it installed. I've had FiOS for several years in the past and loved it, and was very excited to get it again. However this time was different. It appears they are not running the fiber to my unit, but rather to a common point downstairs, and then they're sending the signal to the unit via phone lines using VDSL. So there's this D-Link DSL modem which converts the phone signal to Ethernet which then goes to the ActionTec router.

When I ran some speed tests later that evening, I was pretty surprised/disappointed with the results. Ping takes 25ms versus 13ms on my Comcast 50/10 plan. Also, I'm maxing out at 49/8.5 in FiOS versus 55/11 on Comcast. The small difference in speed is not as important to me as consistency, but here I found FiOS lagging again. The download speed graph was too wavy on FiOS and almost a straight line on Comcast. Upload speed consistency was even worse. Well, I still have great faith in FiOS and found browsing to be just fine, so I decided to give it a few days.

However, now I'm finding that I lose connection at least 2 times a day, for 5-10 minutes at a time. During this time, the DSL light on the modem stops glowing. Unfortunately for me, it always seems to happen at the most inopportune times when I'm in the middle of urgent work.

Is this experience common with VDSL FiOS? Seems to be a completely different animal compared to regular FiOS. I'm wondering whether to switch back to Comcast and let the service stabilize a bit more in my building.