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New to Verizon and Maryland
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To whom it may concern,

I'm confused regarding Internet service.  I left an area where AT&T is king and they provided Internet service via DSL through the exiting copper phone lines.  Verizon is a minor player in this area.  Where I'm going to live in MD, there is phone and TV via existing copper lines, but Internet via DSL is not available?  What is wrong with this picture?  The technology exists but no one has flipped the right switch or greased the right palm?  I've avoided cable because DSL was more competitive.  I don't have that option now, so Metrocast has a monopoly.  I believe that is why AT&T was originally booted out of Maryland some time ago.  So what is different now?  Why does cable or Verizon have a monopoly, because there is no competition.  Satellite will not be an affordable option any time soon.  Any takers on why Verizon picks and chooses its land line DSL/Internet areas of service?  I'm not going to run for political office just to be serviced by Verizon or Metrocast.

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Re: New to Verizon and Maryland
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I suppose you already are aware of the caveats with DSL service. That might be the exact reason as to why Verizon is not able to provide you with service at your new Maryland location. It might also be a case of a database error, which is seen from time to time and holds true in many cases if your neighbors happen to have DSL service. You could give them a call and ask for Engineering to see if DSL is really not possible at the new location.

As for picking and choosing areas, there's a bit of history that goes into play as to where Verizon actually serves, since it was a company that was formed from the AT&T Anti-trust breakup and later formed and grown by mergers. The most likely answer as to why Verizon is in areas it currently is in would be due to some history, as well as the Verizon business motives (serve profitable areas).

If Verizon can't give you Internet service via DSL, Metrocast is going to have to be the answer. Don't even bother with anything Satellite or Wireless, it's asking for trouble. Metrocast might do what Time Warner does in my area and not advertise a dirt cheap Cable Package, if you're more concerned about price over speed, so definitely ask them about that as well.