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No DSL Service when it rains...

I am aware that this issue has occurred for others before.

When it rains, my internet connection drops out. The interesting thing is it does not have to actually be raining at the location of my home for it to fail. If the connection starts to become spotty, I know it is raining or will rain within minutes without fail. I've deduced fairly scientifically that it is not coincidental. I don't have connection problems when it isn't raining or isn't about to rain. When I do have problems, if it isn't already raining, it will be raining within minutes.

What I'm interested in knowing is if my problem is resolvable considering this doesn't appear to be exclusive to when it rains on my own hardware.

Would my problems be the result of a nearby line being faulty for whatever reason? Do you think this is an issue that can be fixed?

Say, perhaps, that it is a problem exclusive to my own hardware. What would the problem be?

Here's my transceiver stats:

Transceiver Revision:

Vendor ID Code: 4  

Line Mode: G.DMT Mode  

Data Path: Interleaved    

DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)

Down: 2048

Up: 608

Margin (dB)

Down: 6.5

Up: 10.0

Line Attenuation (dB)

Down: 63.5

Up: 31.5

Transmit Power (dBm)

Down: 16.1

Up: 11.9

Re: No DSL Service when it rains...
Specialist - Level 2

My own experience is that it is unlikely that Verizon will fix it. The main reason I went from DSL to FiOS as soon as it was available was that if I could hear thunder, my DSL service was down, and if it was raining, I lost about 500kbps on the downlink. Your transceiver stats look very much like mine did. Very simply you have a lousy pair, usually a result of age.

Copper wires last a long time, but the insulation and dielectric qualities don't age anywhere near as well as the copper. So what works find for Voice may not work very well at all for data. Unfortunately for many of us, Verizon's sole obligation is provide toll grade Voice Service. There is no regulatory requirement that the lines be suitable for any service above ISDN.

To fix your problem would require Verizon make a significant investment in upgrading the copper lines, and at this point I don't think there is a chance of that happening. DSL is not a tariffed service, which among other things means Verizon doesn't have to meet any service standard, or even offer it to every customer. So Verizon will put their money where they have to by order of the Public Utilities Commission or local equivalent, and where they can get the best return on their investment. That isn't in upgrading copper wire.

Anyway, FiOS service is completely immune to weather as best as I can tell (and I've had it for 18 months).

Re: No DSL Service when it rains...
Enthusiast - Level 2

I apologize for the inconvenience you are having with your internet service, however there are a couple things you can try to see if it helps. 1) Clean the jack where you plug in to and repunch/mount it. The jacks can become corroded over time. You can use a brass wire brush to clean the terminals. 2) Have you checked the quality of the cables where you plug it in to make sure they have not been damaged? 3) Have you done a diagnostic test on your router to verify everything is functioning correctly?

Hope this helps.

Re: No DSL Service when it rains...

The issue is not internal to the house. I only have problems when it rains. Clearly, the issue is not related to wall sockets... (Unless I've got water freely running down the inside of my walls. In that case I've got far more serious issues... Obviously I don't.)

It's the service itself being effected by the rain. If it isn't cost effective to fix the problem, then maybe it wouldn't be cost effective for me to keep my Verizon service.

By the way, my internet isn't working consistently today. It's pouring rain. The issue continues.

Re: No DSL Service when it rains...

We have the same problem. It's been going on for YEARS here in Morristown, Indiana. I try calling

Service and I get some Idiot in India explaining to me how to turn the Router off and on. I believe

the problem is simply tired old copper lines that are good enough for phone, but not DSL. At least

not in the Rain!

The rain here normally comes in from the west and I can definitely tell by my Loss of DSL that it

will be raining within 10 minutes Max! Verizon simply isn't interested in fixing anything. Unfortunately

our options here are limited to Veri{please keep your posts courteous}, Satellite & Dial-Up. The second someone brings Cable

to town, Verizon will lose every single customer in Morristown, IN. Guaranteed!

Re: No DSL Service when it rains...
Enthusiast - Level 2


I too have this problem where I live.  Its not the house, because it works fine every other time, and its also new construction, only 3 years old.  And like observed above, the storm doesn't have to be overhead, but somewhere else to kill it, convienently timed to thunder, so I know when to look up and see the light out.  I've lost my connection over 20 times so far in the past couple of hours.

Re: No DSL Service when it rains...
Enthusiast - Level 1

Same here, and Fios is not available for me. 

Already spent hours and all my cell phone plan with tech support, and looks from what I'm reading here that there is no fix, so i'll just terminate my contract. back to cable! 

the answer from the Verizon agent to this thread is actually very funny, it's about the same type of answers I get when I call so I wonder if they ever listen to what the question is....

thank you for sharing your issues, it's just making it easier for me to finally decide to stop trying.

Re: No DSL Service when it rains...

Clearly its not even worth trying to contact them in the first place. Who has hours to spend proving that the problem is not in the house.

Re: No DSL Service when it rains...
Enthusiast - Level 1

I have the same problem and it definitely related to the weather, not the house. 

Re: No DSL Service when it rains...

Just a question to any of you; does your phone line receive static on the voice side of it while it is raining out, or do you hear any noise such as electrical interference/ingress coming onto the line when Thunderstorms are near? That is usually sign of a bad splice, a junction box that is in need of repair or an exposed portion of copper wiring (or with lesser than normal sheidling due to aging/animals). The same would apply to lines that receive static or DSL troubles when heat waves with high humidity come by. My line has somewhat lost the condition it used to be in even though it's 8 years old from my home to the remote. We've just had so many winter storms and scorching hot summers that it's taking it's toll on the line.

Lately, whenever we get temperatures shooting up into the 80s+ range and it's extremely humid out after a day of 50 degree and rainy weather (not during the summer though, only during spring and fall. During summer requires 95 degree temps and humidity), my phone line will receive static on it that takes roughly a half hour to clear up. Next time we get a heat wave showing up right after rain storms, I'll have to give Verizon a call to have them fix the line. I'm sure something got damaged in the last few years from a winter storm or human error.