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Noise from router on phone line

I just got my DSL from Verizon activated today, the router connects fine, and I have my DSL filters in place, but I am getting this 'snow' sort of noise on the phone line when my router is turned on.

Also, when you turn the router on when listening to the phone, you hear some beeping electronic sounds when the router is trying to connect.

Re: Noise from router on phone line
Master - Level 3

Are you using cordless phones or corded phones? If its cordless, the wireless part of your modem/router could be interfering with the cordless phones. If that's the case, logging into the router and changing the wireless channel would correct this. If its happening on corded phones, well that's a different story.

Re: Noise from router on phone line
Super User
Super User

What you're hearing as far as the Electronic Noises on the line is normal for many lines (like little beeping sounds), but they should only be pretty faint even on the loudest of Corded phones. That should only happen during synchronization. The additional chatter or noise you hear on the line once the modem has trained should not be present, so you may either require an additional filter on each affected phone (Some devices such as Call Switches do require them) or there may be a degraded cable somewhere presenting the higher frequency noise as a tone closer to what can be heard over the phone, or Transmit Powers could be rather high.

Some older lines in my area that have started to wear out exhibit white noise or electronic noise on the cabling just by nature. Newer cabling such as the ones I go through don't exhibit the white noise while DSL is running. if the noise is irritating and can be heard on the other end of the call as well, I'd certainly:

Check other phones

Check Filters

Try adding further filters

Analyze home wiring for any corrosion, lose connections, and dirty jacks.

Consider testing both phone and modem at your NID to see if this shows a lessened effect of what you're hearing. A line splitter will be needed for this as well as a corded phone.

Perhaps have Verizon run an MLT Test on your line to see if they can spot any highly resistive shorts through the test itself. (If found, tech gets dispatched to find it and fix it).

Consider a Home Run.

I have seen some very isolated issues where another type of DSL filter is needed, mainly on ADSL2+ lines. Might also be something to consider, getting a home run installed for your modem.