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Odd happenings.

Sorry in advance for the wall of text.

So I have had a 1792 Kbps / 448 Kbps connections since November.  Never had an issue and was quite pleased with the service.  Every once in awhile I would lose connectivity to the web but never the DSL connection but it would only last about 5 minutes.  On the 7th I was laying in bed watching some videos and the internet connection was lost, no big deal turned off the tablet and went to bed.  When I got off work the next evening my connection was slow ran some speedtest and found that my d/l was hovering around .30 kbps and my IP had changed.  I thought maybe their was an issue with the line and went about my business for the evening.  Around midnight I hopped back on and everything was as it usually is.


The following morning when I woke up wet about my online classes and some gaming.  At 2pm my speeds dropped again to less than .50 and stayed that way until around midnight again.  All speedtest show nearly identical results.  Now I know that I am right at the end of the line and that DSL isnt effected by the number of users like cable since you are on your own line.   Got ahold of a network specailist and he said that he could see my modem at 1.5 kpbs and he asked me to run a speedtest.  It timed out 4 times before returning low numbers.   He scheduled a tech and the tech said the same thing.   


I have been running speedtest on the hour and screen capping the results through Verizon speedtest,, and Speakeasy.  The tech wouldnt even look at the results as he said it didnt prove anything and kept pointing at my computer like that is the cause.  When I told him that it happens on all devices he just shrugged his shoulders.


I for the life of me cannot figure this out.  They are sending me a new modem but It just dosent seem like this is the problem.   Has anyone else experinced this?   I cannot switch to a new provider as the area I llive in does not have cable access.   


Any help is greatly apperciated.