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Often Connection Loss & Down/Up mbps Speeds Fluctuate BADLY

Hello my name is Carlos, I've been with Verizon for over a decade. Where I currently live FIOS is not available to me, so I am stuck with High Speed Internet DSL. I live in an apartment complex, and about two weeks ago construction started happening on the building I reside in. Also at this time there have been major snow storms taking place(I live in Salem Massachusetts). So my down/up plan at the time was 3.0down/0.9up mbps, and when checking my router statistics it would average to 1.9down/0.6up, which was fine with me.

I rather have bad speeds than no connectivity at all. Since that time the construction/snowstorms happen, I've been periodically losing service to the ISP. It would go down then reconnect after about 4 minutes or so, with much worse speeds. I bought a new router compatible with verizon, thinking it may be that, but the same exact thing occurs, internet connectivity drops, speeds suffer. The worst part is, it happens MULTIPLE times a day, even when there's no heavy traffic/internet usage(I check connedtion duration very often).

On the 15th I requested an HSI upgrade, to 3.1-7down/1up mbps, and the installation date was yesterday(the 19th), no call no show, so I'm assuming this was done remotely. In an effort to fix this issue of connectivity dropping constantly and speeds suffering, I bought a new router, and upgraded my service. Nothing was changed(not even my speeds, yet the new service plan is in play).

I tried contacting by phone to try to get a technician here to visit, and check out the line from outside my apartment(because all 3 phone lines inside are going through the same thing, and it's not the routers), but no luck there as i'm an hour in waiting for a live person to take my call. If anyone can help, I'm all ears, and my most preferred method of using the net is by lan/ethernet, so I go wired as much as possible, but the issue happens for both wired and wireless. Tested multiple devices, same internet connection dropping completely on each simultaneously.

I've checked the outages from the storms in my area, it states that things should be good. I'm out of options, any help would be much apprecciated. Please at least send a technician here to check things out. I'm paying a lot for these services, yet I can't even enjoy browsing the web without me losing internet 5 minutes into it, and having to wait another 5 to reconnect. Thanks for reading, please fix this issue Verizon...

Re: Often Connection Loss & Down/Up mbps Speeds Fluctuate BADLY

Try posting at the link above. These are real Verizon representatives who maybe able to assist you.

Good Luck 

Re: Often Connection Loss & Down/Up mbps Speeds Fluctuate BADLY
Community Manager
Community Manager

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.