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Past data usage on Residential DSL plan?
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I apologize for this clarification post - I wasn't allowed to reply to my previous post.  Smiley Sad

I realize my Verizon Residential DSL Plan is unlimited, but I wonder if anyone knows of a way to obtain a record of the past data used on my account (in GB per month over, say, the last year) - I'm curious and shopping around for alternatives, so want to know how much data I've actually used.  I contacted chat online (15 minutes), billing (15 more min) and tech support (another 15) and no one can tell me.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Past data usage on Residential DSL plan?
Super User
Super User

As you've pointed out, Verizon's service is unmetered. Unless they're performing an audit on a line for network abuse, they wouldn't really have too many records of data usage stored for a long time. They could perhaps ask network operations to see if they have anything to offer, but I doubt you'll get anywhere.

Best way is to set up a router with bandwidth monitoring and let it run for a few months with the Verizon service to see what you have. For example, I use DD-WRT on my router, which is an ActionTec MI424WR (The routers used for Verizon FiOS) on my DSL service, and the router actually does record a tally of how much data I use on a day by day basis and totals it for the month, and also since last reboot of the router.

Here's a historical entry found in my router. Take note that my router hasn't rebooted in over 127 days (It has been in service since DD-WRT was first loaded onto it by me, and booted on Feburary 25th, 2011. The total Traffic is only for the traffic transferred since the router was last booted or the daemon restarted). Adding up the totals manually, we're using very close to a Terabyte over the course of a year. We're on a 1Mbps/384kbps line here.