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Return to DSL from FiOS (Downgrading)
Enthusiast - Level 1

Hey all,

I did a search on my inquiry and the last post was made in 2009. I am just wondering if it is possible to convert back to DSL from FiOS in 2011?

I am currently using 3Mpbs Verizon DSL. I am looking to get the double play package since it will only be ~5-$10 more expensive than what I pay. But for that price, I get a lot more. Anyway, I'm mainly on the fence about the conversion to FiOS because I want the option of going back to DSL if the speed isn't all too impressive and I realize that the added cost is unjustified. I know that they have a Worry Free guarantee and I will also be signing on to a month-to-month plan.

In that case, would it be possible to revert to DSL after the FiOS conversion @ this point in time?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Return to DSL from FiOS (Downgrading)
Next to impossible to go back to dsl. For what its worth you should notice a big difference in speed unless you have a real real old computer that is just dirt slow no matter what you do. It also depends on what kind of user you are. If your a power user you'll notice the difference big time. If you have a need for speed, you'll notice it big time. If you watch movies and tv over the net, you'll notice it big time. If all you do is look at the news and email a few friends, then you may not notice a whole lot of difference, bit it will definetely be zippier

Re: Return to DSL from FiOS (Downgrading)
Master - Level 2

Like Hubrisnxs said, switching to fios is a one way street. You cannot go back.

Officially, Verizon will only allow the switch from "fiber" back to "copper" is in the case of medical need (heart monitor or something that needs 24/7 phone connection) or for "legal" need (house arrest, ankle bracelet tracker, etc)

So if you make the change to FIOS, the only way your going back is to get arrested or develop a heart condition. And even then, you have to jump through so many hoops that you'll think your a basket ball during playoffs.

Again like Hubrisnxs said, if you have need of the speed, it is worth the change. But you have to need the speed in order to notice it. Average users that only surf the web and email, will notice nothing. Gamers, video streamers, P2P networkers, and other high end or "power users" will notice the difference immediatly.

Also DSL in most areas (may or may not be your area) tends to be rather flaky on speed. Fios is much more stable. So for many people, that is the primary reason for switching. FIOS is faster and more reliable (for most) than DSL, the questions is do you have a need for the speed or not.