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SNJ Enhanced DSL Speed is 1.5 Mbps

I see I am not alone. And, I can't talk to anyone at Verizon because there is no option to call. The folks on chat only do the standard unplug, restart, check that you have filters, oh you have more than one computer connected? That's the problem.

You all know.

My question is what can one do when there is no other high speed internet in the area if you can call this high speed. It may have been 20 years ago but it's not acceptable in todays environment especailly when your paying for 3 - 7 Mbps speeds.

Once apon a time I got 2.7 Mbps (even a little over 3 at one time) which did allow me to do netflix and other things I can no longer enjoy without issues.  It seems to have gotten worse in the last 6 to 8 months.

I have used Verizons speed test, a phone app called SpeedTest, and the new Netflix  They all agree - this service should not be called high speed.

Re: SNJ Enhanced DSL Speed is 1.5 Mbps
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi SNJDSLDisapoint,

If you need to talk to a support agent, you can call 1-800-VERIZON.

Re: SNJ Enhanced DSL Speed is 1.5 Mbps
Super User
Super User

Anything below 24Mbps/3Mbps isn't broadband according to the FCC. With that said, please post on the Verizon Direct forum over at (make an account first there) and ask them to ensure ASSIA Optimizer is disabled, set your speed back to 3Mbps, and also see if they can qualify you for more than 3Mbps.

If they can't, IMO, you may be better off looking to see if a Cable Company is around which can serve your needs. More and more, Cable Internet is becoming cheaper per Megabit in comparison to DSL. Most cable companies have a 3Mbps/1Mbps or faster plan for around $15/m. Just be sure to buy your own modem if the cable company in your area charges a rental fee.

Re: SNJ Enhanced DSL Speed is 1.5 Mbps
Enthusiast - Level 2

I feel your pain my friend.  I was having real issues a couple months ago and was about 2 seconds away from posting on DSL reports dedicated Verizon page when I happened to look out the Window and see a Verizon truck sitting at the pole in my front yard.  My speed at the time was below 1.5.  The truck left and the next day I thought my internet was much faster.  I checked my rounter and my connection speed was now up around 2.4.  The best I'd gotten in a long time.  It fluctuated for about a month between 2.4 and 2.1 but I had ZERO disconnects and it was fast - well fast for what I was used to.  I will admit that my signal to noise ratios probably weren't great, but as I said I was having ZERO disconnect issues.

I noticed last week that things seemed to be slowing down again.  I checked last week and I was at 1.78.  Today even worse and now I'm at 1.5.  My signal to noise ratios look good and could definitely support higher than 1.5.

Like you this is the ONLY option I have for kind of high speed internet.  It sucks.  I've begged and pleaded with Verizon and TW to bring FIOS or cable out my way.  The standard answer is "We'll run it out to your house but it will cost you $20,000 for us to do that."  It's comical.  I've even gone to my town board and told them they need to do something to help us people out in the country.  But they're a bunch of neophytes who have no clue about what's important and they all live in town with high speed internet.  

I'm going on vacation next week.  When I get back if my connection speed isn't better I'm going to post a request to the DSL reports Verizon page and ask them to disable the optimizer that seems to be running on my line.

Good luck and let me know if you have any luck.