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Setting up TiVo with DSL Modem

Just got TiVo Premier unit with antenna TV reception.  I have it plugged into my 327W modem.  The modem "sees" the TiVo, but TiVo says that TCP and UDP ports are blocked, and it can't get access to the internet.  When I changed the modem firewall settings from "medium" to "low", the TiVo was able to access the internet.  TiVo support gives a list of about 30 ports that need to be open for the unit to operate, but I don't know what to do to open those ports on the modem?  Anyone else run into this issue?  Any ideas how to fix it?

Re: Setting up TiVo with DSL Modem
Super User
Super User
The modems' firewalls tend to get restrictive past the Low setting. Port Forwarding is more than likely what you're looking for, but be aware that the Medium or High setting may disregard the Port Forwarding entries. I believe it will mention that at the settings page for the firewall.

Anyways to Port Forward, what you need to do is obtain the IP address of the TiVo (setting a Static IP is preferred) and also note down the ports the TiVo requires. From there, log into the modem, go to the Firewall Settings, and choose Port Forwarding. You want to Add a new Entry, so click on the red "Add" link. Since TiVo is probably not a service already mentioned in the modem, you will need to create it., so for Step One press Create. Create a name for it such as "TiVo." Make sure the Port Forwarding option is selected and then using the guide provided by TiVo for ports needing to be forwarded, fill in the needed info.

Take note that the Protocol can be only TCP or UDP. If you need both, you will need to make two separate rules. Global StartPort and Global EndPort are used to specify a port range. If it is only one port, only use Global StartPort. Base HostPort should be filled in with the lowest number port that needs to be forwarded.

Once you have the first rule written, save it and then click "Add" on the Service Details page and fill out the same information for any additional ports/protocols. Once done, click "Done" and you will be taken back to the Port Forwarding page. Choose the new service you made from the drop-down list. Choose Host as I believe TiVo needs to have incoming connections, though Dynamic would probably work if it doesn't require Incoming connections. The last step is to either choose the TiVo from the drop-down list, or enter in it's IP address. Press Apply, and it should be ready to go.