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Signal interference?


For years I have had problems with our internet connection, but Verizon is the only DSL provider in my town. My ongoing problem has been the wireless connection.

-WIred connection works fine

-I'm in a community of single family homes that are pretty close to each other. There are 12 networks that are commonly seen by my Wireless diagnostics Application. 

-My family uses 2 Macbooks, and a handful of phones and other devices. 

-Previous problems have included a dissappearing connection to the internet at the modem, that was solved by new filters and a new DSL modem GT784WN

-Ongoing problem is poor connectivity from wireless devices. 

Upon waking from sleep mode, my wife's macbook takes about 5 minutes to establish a connection with the internet including Facebook, email, and the like. 

Similar problems occur with an iPad 1st gen we use. This was previously solved by setting our output to chanel 6. Where there was improvement. Since I replaced the modem, no channel has been able to establish a good connection. I currently have the following RSSI and noise:

My modem:RSSI -20 noise -88 ch 6 (@1 ft from modem)


-58/-88 ch 6

-62/-88 ch 1

-72/-88 ch 153

-74/-88 ch 6

-77/-88 ch 11

and similar

at 20 feet in direct line of sight the values change to:

mine: -51 (all noise is at -88) ch 6

-63 ch 6

-67 ch 11

-72 ch 3

-73 ch 153

First thought, change to ch 11 or 1. Unfortunately, all other modems have been doing the same so they end up on the same channel. Auto select doesnt help, it still hasd the slow initial connection.

I know I can upgrade to a 5Ghz modem, but I feel that should be something on Verizon's end. They know where they are serving and how close homes are to each other, plus I am likely competing with other Verizon routers. This was not what I was sold on years ago and it has been a problem for a long time. 

Any ideas how to fix this? 

Am I correct in assuming channel interference may be to blame?

Verizon moderators, can Verizon supply a modem in the 5Ghz range?

Thanks for your ideas,


Re: Signal interference?
Contributor - Level 2

VZ doesn't have any 5 Ghz DSL gateways.  It does sound like you need to be on 5 Ghz given your issues.

Just go to a local Walmart and pick one up, probably around $50 or so.  Then, switch your modem to "bridge mode" which will let you use your own router.