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Slow DSL - can I upgrade?
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have 3 meg DSL which is less than 1 meg in the evenings.  Can I upgrade to 7 meg service?   Would that get me more than 1 meg in the evenings?   Would dial-up be faster than 1 meg?   Does Verizon have cable?  What alternative can Verizon offer me so I have more than 1 meg in the evenings?

Re: Slow DSL - can I upgrade?
Super User
Super User

The issue with seeing 1Mbps at night and a speed upgrade are two separate questions, since they both involve separate methods of figuring out. In the case of the 1Mbps issue, what you're seeing is probably prime-time slowdown. Verizon will need to move you to less congested equipment and circuits, if any exists so that you can obtain the speed you're supposed to be getting on the connection. I would suggest the Verizon Direct forum over at for this since they tend to be good at handling such requests. Mention the phrase "Night Time congestion" while you are telling them what is going on and they should do what they need to do to solve your issue. Failing that, contact me and I'll get you in contact with someone who will square away this issue.

As for the speed upgrade, we need to see the Transceiver Statistics from your modem to ensure the line will even support a higher speed, since you'll make bigger problems trying to get a higher speed if it cannot support it. If you don't know how to obtain this information, please tell us what modem you currently have and we'll help you get them. If the statistics look good, the second step of this would be to ask Verizon what is available. If you can get a higher speed, then by all means if you wish to order it, order it. Otherwise, leave things alone. If they say no to a higher speed, this could be from a few reasons, either there being a lack of capacity for the higher speeds, you are on a remote, or the CO has not been approved to handle a higher speed, or even an issue with their database.

As far as Cable goes, the closest thing Verizon sells to Cable is FiOS. FiOS, by nature is vastly superior to any copper-based network in regards to capacity, so unless you can get that, you're out of luck in this aspect I'm afraid! Dial-up is 48.8kbps/1000kbps so unfortunately a congested DSL line is still faster than the fastest dial-up connection you could possibly get. A higher speed package will also not get you higher speeds during the night. It will most likely show when the congestion occurs sooner, though.