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Slow DSL speed / high ping and jitter
Enthusiast - Level 1

I recently upgraded my service to Verizon's 3-7mbps download speed package, and am not consistently getting the speed I am now paying for. Here is all of the information and details I can think to provide:

When testing on, I am getting speeds that range from 1.5 mbps (obviously well below the speed I'm paying for) all the way to 4 mbps (which is acceptable). I'd say on average it is around 2.5 mbps or so. It is very inconsistent.

When testing on, when pinging the server nearest me (less than 50 miles), the best result I get is 40ms. I find that everthing runs fine when the ping is at this level. However, it often goes up to 100ms and will stay at that level for quite some time, and what's worse, I frequently get spikes that go up to 200-300ms. In regards to both the speedtest and pingtest tests, I have done these both through a router, and directly to the modem. I tested this both through our old modem and the new modem we got when we upgraded. All of the results are similar, which leads me to believe the problem is not due to my equpment(?)

I called Verizon and they were not able to solve the problem over the phone. A tech was sent out, and the only issue he found was that a connection jack in our house that was damaged, which he replaced. I'm appreciative of that, but it did not fix the problem. I fear if I call them again, they'll just say there's nothing they can do.

I've seen people with similar problems post their tranceiver statistics. At the bottom you will find mine (hopefully I picked out the correct data.

One last thing I'd like to mention is that I noticed during the dead hours of the night/morning, like 3-4 AM, the ping seems to settle at that 40ms level for a while, and things run smoothly. Is that an indication that this service is oversold, and will constantly be congested to the point where I can never get the speed I'm paying for consistently?

DSL Status
DSL Mode Setting:
DSL Negotiated Mode:
Connection Status:
Speed (down/up):
ATM QoS class:
Output Power (Downstream/Upstream):
Attainable Rate (Downstream/Upstream):
HEC Errors (Downstream/Upstream):
OCD Errors (Downstream/Upstream):
LCD Errors (Downstream/Upstream):
SNR Margin (Downstream/Upstream):
Attenuation (Downstream/Upstream):
Re: Slow DSL speed / high ping and jitter
Enthusiast - Level 1

I somehow botched the copy/paste above. I'm just going to manually type it here now:

VPI : 0

VCI: 35

DSL Mode Setting: Auto

DSL Negotiated Mode: ADSL2+

Connection Status: ShowTime

Speed (down/up): 5884 / 861 Kbps

ATM QoS class: UBR

Output Power (down/up):  11.2 / 0.0 dBm

Attainable rate (down/up):  19872 /  1240 Kbps

HEC Errors (down/up):  6 / 4294967289

OCD Erros (down/up): 0/0

LCD Errors (down/up): 0/0

SNR Margin (down/up): 10.0 / 20.8 dB

Attenuation (down/up): 28.0 / 14.4 dB

Re: Slow DSL speed / high ping and jitter
Super User
Super User

Your stats are OK. The margin could probably be higher for your distance and/or the speed could also be higher on the downstream. Other than that, it sounds like it's a case of oversold service and Verizon needs to route you through some different gear. A Verizon employee here should be able to help you out with this request. I can also help you out with a contact I have within Verizon who can change the routing on the spot as well. Just shoot me a message if you need me.