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Slow Download Speeds 25/25 Fios

We just had FiOs installed last Friday and I'm updating iTunes as my first major download exercise. The download speeds are awful....about 2MB per minute. Any idea what is going on?

Re: Slow Download Speeds 25/25 Fios

iTunes has been giving crummy speeds for me even on DSL on and off for the past few months. I think they simply do not have the capacity at times to handle the load. I would try downloading some other files to see if the speed is significantly better. If you are using Wireless, I would also verify the speed on an Ethernet connection temporarily to rule out Wireless being the culprit.

Try downloading these files. They are on various servers capable of maxing out many fiber connections so you should not have a problem with them 🙂 . You do not need to run the download the entire way, but long enough to get a feeling of the connection. The files are intentionally huge. (Choose the big, yellow Download Now button).

Re: Slow Download Speeds 25/25 Fios
Specialist - Level 2

You haven't mentioned whether you are wired or wireless, or what O/S you are using. If you are using Wireless, change over the wired. There are a truly large number of things that can interfere with and/or disrupt Wi-Fi. If you really need Wi-Fi, you might try changing the channel in use on the router. You may have better luck on a different channel. If you are lucky with 802.11g, you might be able to to about 10 million bits per second.

If you are running wired, have you run the Verizon High Speed Internet Optimizer?  If you are running Windows  7, you need a certain amount of patience. The default buffer/window is nowhere near adequate to support true 25/25 speed. Windows 7 will grow the window (and shrink it back if you don't continue to utilize it), but it isn't very quick about it. If you are running XP or earlier, you should run the Verizon High Speed Internet Optimizer to insure adequate window size.

The other thing you should do is run which is a diagnostic speed test. That usually gives pretty good insight into the performance issues if you look at the statistics and more details tabs on the test. (That will tell you how large your buffers are, and whether you what the performance limits for your configuration are).

Good luck.