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So disappointed in Verizon.
I was a customer for 20 years. The line was used only for internet and we were having connectivity problems. I was told someone would come out to fix the line and I waited around all day long and no service man showed and no follow up call happened. Then the next time a guy came he said vines were on the power line and good luck with getting anyone from the electrical company to come out. The lines were cleaned and we asked for them to come out again in which they did nor gave us a new router or even checked it. Finally another service guy was in our neighborhood with Verizon and told us to just go with another company and he worked with Verizon. After much frustration I called Xfinity and I have Internet service again. To leave Verizon after 20 years was made so easy as well. I called two days prior to Xfinity coming out and they actually said I could offer you 20 dollars off your bill, but anyways thanks for your service. Hello! Offering me 20 dollars off of a service I wasn't even getting was ridiculous. There was no offer of someone will be out today or tomorrow to fix your issue. The customer service has gone so downhill and the way a long time customer was treated was horrible. I've never complained on any company. I even gave Verizon numerous chances and over a month and a half to make it right. They didn't. Very disappointed and very happy to have Internet within 5 minutes with another company that sent over an 18 year old to solve our problem in 5 minutes. It's sad that Verizon just didn't care, maybe because it wasn't a cellphone issue. Not sure. However after using this company for 20 years and seeing this kind of service gives me the passion to complain to anyone that will listen. It begs the question of how will new customers be treated if loyal customers are treated so poorly.
Re: So disappointed in Verizon.

I feel your pain. We only have Verizon as an option for internet service. I should point out that we also have a Verizon land line. Anyway, everytime it rains, we have problems with our internet service. I call Verizon internet and they want to do all kinds of stuff with the router etc. I explain it's been raining and they transfer me to the phone part of the service. Maybe someone comes out and maybe not. When someone does show up they pass the buck to another technician. They just wait until the lines dry out and our problem sort of goes away. It never really gets done right and no one will tell us who to talk to. I hate Verizon with a passion.