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Speed "optimized" but not restored after problem resolved

I recently moved into my home about a month and a half ago. At the time the home had never had dsl internet and hadn't had any phone service even for several years. Not to mention the actual home is over 100 years old. Thus the wiring was pretty degraded. While my service installed with no problem, I would occasionally get modem out of sync issues due to unstable lines and poor margins with a lot of noise. When it was up I was speed testing around 2.75 mbps. However, because of the out of sync issues the system “optimized”, ie downgraded, my speed after about a week and a half to sync at a dl of 1554 mbps. My actual speed was 1.25 mbps.

Approximately 3 weeks ago I replaced all lines in the home from the NID, as well as installed a hardware splitter in the NID to make a home run directly to my modem. All stats drastically improved and remained stable so I fought to have my speeds restored rather that listen to them tell me my "optimized" speed was in the “acceptable range”. They restored the line to show download sync at 3360 mbps. But I am still not passing 1.26mbps. It is very clear that this is a hard system cap as it stays consistent with virtually no fluxuation. And my upload is approximately .7mbps. I told the technician on the phone that I was not passing that rate still and he told me it may take time to “charge the line”. With my experience in web design I am well aware how the different types of internet actually work and I knew it was crap, yet I was stuck having to “wait it out” a few days as the tech insisted.


So again about a week and a half ago, I contacted Verizon CS. They tried to tell me it was a router problem (as I used an aftermarket NetGear) even though I informed them the router was working fine at my previous residence and that my error log shows zero issues. However, to prove the point I allowed them to send me a Verizon provided router. A week has passed since that was installed and yet still nothing has changed.


Now I realize I may not be capable of receiving the 2.7-2.8 that usually comes with a sync of 3360 as my margins at that sync rate are between 7-9 dl. However, I see no reason why I can’t easily be at 2.3-2.4 with a sync around the 2800-2900 range (which btw, the tech back on my second call told me couldn’t be done and that I had to be at one or the other, no range in between. Which again, I know is crap). Especially as I am less than a mile and a half to the fiber switching station and I routinely get pings in the low teens. I need help from a LEVEL 3 Verizon tech support technician who actually is interested in fixing the problem instead of telling me that I am in “Acceptable” ranges as I’ve heard the past several times. It’s not “acceptable” to me. Especially when the download speed is so slow I can even use the on demand feature of DirecTV and something as simple as a CD download takes a half an hour.

Re: Speed "optimized" but not restored after problem resolved
Contributor - Level 2

What's your attenuation?  That can give an estimate of your distance to the CO or RT.  If you really are only 1.5 miles away, 3 Mbps should hold at no problem.  But remember, just because you know where the RT/CO is, doesn't mean it follows the most logical route to get there.  Your loop length might actually be a lot longer.

Verizon doesn't provision lines at anything between 1.5 and 3 Mbps.  But the optimizer will try to.  If they set you at 3 Mbps and it's not stable, the optimizer might go to something in between.

You'll honeslty have more luck if you go to, sign up, and post on the Verizon Direct forum.  It sounds like you might have a "profile mismatch" - being synced at a speed higher than you're getting.  The fact that the upload is at 768 kbps is interesting because that's the upload for 3 Mbps; at 1.5 Mbps (and below) it is 384 kbps

Re: Speed "optimized" but not restored after problem resolved
Super User
Super User

It sounds like the tech that turned your sync speed back up to 3360 didn't put in a request, or adjust the Juniper ERX Edge Router in the process. The Juniper is likely still set to a 1.2Mbps profile and is rate limiting your circuit as a result.

Verizon does this to prevent buffer over-runs on some older DSLAMs, but they also do this as a method to control the speed if a tech is playing with someone's cirucit or "uncapping" it. There's no rate limit on the upload as you've found 🙂

Most techs, if they submit an order for 3Mbps or higher on your line, should be able to do an end to end re-provision that will resolve your bandwidth issue. If your line shows more capacity on Verizon's end than 3Mbps for speed, push to get more.