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Strange Wireless TCPIP Problem
Enthusiast - Level 2

I have FiOS wireless set up at home with WEP 64 bit encryption. It works fine EXCEPT for one specific laptop. Other PCs and laptops work without a problem. That specific laptop seems to work fine connectiong to OTHER wireless networks on the road.

It appears that the specific combination of that laptop plus my wireless network has an issue. I DO get an association with my access point and a few packets are sent and received. The signal strength is strong.

However, when attempting to obtain an IP address using DHCP from my Verizon wireless router (which works for other PCs), it fails. When I set a static IP address it does not communicate and I cannot ping the gateway, i.e., it "connects" to some degree with my access point but TCPIP does not appear to be communicating at all. There are no received packets, just sent.

It used to work.!  Note- If I connect a CAT5 cable from the laptop to a router port it works just fine.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

Re: Strange Wireless TCPIP Problem
Master - Level 1

Three possibilities:

  • Your encryption settings don't agree (likely)
  • The wireless adapter in the laptop is not compatabile with the Actiontec's implementation of WEP (possible).
  • The wireless adapter in the laptop is bad (not likely since it works elsewhere).

You can narrow down the problem by turning off the encryption in the Actiontec as a test.  If you can then connect to it, the issue is encryption related.  If this test is successful, you may be able to connect using a different encryption method.  Try setting the Actiontec for WPA2 and see if you can connect.

It's also worth checking if there is a driver update for the wireless adapter in the laptop.

Re: Strange Wireless TCPIP Problem
Enthusiast - Level 2

Temporarilty disabling WEP 64 bit encryption on the router resolved the connectivity problem. Thanks.

I cannot distinguish any difference in encryption settings between the PCs that work and this laptop; there aren't all that many of them..64 bit WEP, and the passphrase is correct (of course that was the first thing I checked.)

Re: Strange Wireless TCPIP Problem

you should have some kind of security on there,   Try it with WPA 2 and see if it likes it.

How to change the Wireless Security settings on your Verizon FiOS Router

Re: Strange Wireless TCPIP Problem
Enthusiast - Level 2

Yes, after successfully connecting, I immediately re-enabled WEP. I also have MAC address fitering. Good advice, though.

If I change the encryption method and the laptop communicates, then I would also need to change that on the other PCs as well...which I'm not ready to do. I still want to figure out why THAT laptop has a problem! Thanks.