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The art of getting "customers" off the phone
Enthusiast - Level 1

I have only been a customer for just over 4 months and it has been a nightmare. I have had problems from day one of service. Setting up the service and the installation was an awesome experience, but as soon as the service was supposed to be activated it went down hill. The modem was not connecting or activated, I called and to get it resolved but I kept getting transferred around. Finally I got a hold of a supervisor and she assured me it will be taken care of, she offered me a credit for my troubles and said she would call me back in 2 days to check up on everything to make sure it was cool. I hung up feeling pretty good and like the problem would be fixed. A tech came by and fixed the issue in a timely manor and the internet was working as promised. A week went by and no call back from supervisor, I was OK with that because everything was working as promised. It worked great for about a month, after that the connection was slow, took what seamed like forever to connect and continuous buffering. I called them back last month and was assured that it would get fixed and not worry, they gave me a time frame when it should be completed. It was never fixed, the speeds got worse and I got more **bleep** off. I called last night and spent well over an hour on the phone being transferred from one person to the next. Everyone was promising that it will be resolved and I have nothing to worry about. I finally got a hold of a supervisor who said "I will take full responsibility for the issue, I will contact you tomorrow and I will have a tech come out to your house to fix it tomorrow." I was feeling good about it and said OK, I apologized for being a {word filter avoidance} and I was looking forward to his call. The call never came (Not sure if I should be surprised). So I spent well over an hour trying to get someone to get a tech to my house today like promised. I finally got a hold of someone that seemed to have authority to make something happen. He read through my notes and said that the trouble ticket has be in place and is scheduled to be completed by tomorrow afternoon. He said that he was not sure why I was on the phone for over an hour and been transfered to so many people. He said if the first person I spoke to would have read the notes I would have not been on the phone very long at all. I asked him who the supervisor was that I spoke to last night so I can call him directly and find out why made all these empty promises. I then was educated that the "supervisor" I spoke to last night was off on weekends and was not a supervisor. So THE CLOWN I SPOKE TO HANDED ME OFF TO HIS PEER WHO ACTED LIKE A SUPERVISOR. What kind of **bleep** is that? Everytime I call Verizon, I feel like they are trained to get customers off the phone instead of helping the customers. I was not asking for anything, no credits, no special treatment, I just want my internet to work (that's what Im paying for and was promised). I am on the fence now about whether to cancel and be without internet or to continue having to play stressful games with a company that sucks. If any one has any insight or suggestions please let me know. Thank you for letting me vent.

-Just a customer who gets the runaround.

Re: The art of getting "customers" off the phone
Enthusiast - Level 2

I just had the same experience with Verizon. I called to get my final bill amount and the agent told me it is 8pm and he has to go!!! I guess I- the customer was taking too long  .............I cannot believe that a customer service rep told me that!! I was going to start new service with Verion at my new address but NOT now. The sad part is I never got my final bill amount and I didnt make a payment. Verizon needs to hire better reps. I’m debating if I should cancel my V.Wireless. Im sure Verizon doesnt care, but its sad that when you call a company they only care about taking your money!!!

Re: The art of getting "customers" off the phone
Enthusiast - Level 2
I feel your pain. I've been dealing with having no service since I moved which started March 20th, 2013. I've been had several techs out to repair my phone& Internet. I've placed 7-10 trouble reports and finally just filed a BBB &. FCC complaints. After BBB& FCC contacted Verizon all of sudden they're saying they have no record of any trouble reports. Funny how I have dates, trouble ticket numbers, tech notes left on my front door, but Verizon says they have no record. They were able to share the info with me before, but now that BBB & FCC got involved they can't see ANY trouble reports. I advise everyone to file with your local SCC( State Corporation Commission ) BBB(Better Business Burreau and FCC(Federal Communications Commission ). The SCC gives the company 10 days to resolve the issue. Also this is permanently on the records for Verizon. So take the time to file because the more complaints forces Verizon to give customer service to paying customers.
Re: The art of getting "customers" off the phone
Enthusiast - Level 3

First  I would like to thank everyone for helpfull info. For 2 years I've been trying to get a dsl problem resolved. When it rains I loose dsl and the house phone sounds like popcorn. Each tech that comes out says the connection box for my block on the pole needs to be replaced. My house is checked each time a tech comes out. The money verizon has spent on techs each *visit* would  pay for the box,pole and time to do the job needed. Dsl speed depends on you're distance from the server. I pay for 7meg speed and only on a good day recieve 5meg. I cant get fios because of a balt ,md cty monopoly with comcast. Oh and dont ask to speak to an english speaking customer suport tech.Even though there is a law that says they are suposed to have them.