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Trying to upgrade my westell model 327 modem
Enthusiast - Level 1

Hi I am trying to upgrade my modem Westell 327, I have been using the same one for around 6 years on this account and would like to upgrade. My problem is less with the setting, but more of how to get the best info from Verizon.

The question is simple should I let Verizon upgrade my  router modem, or buy my own router modem externally. If I am to buy externally what will or will not work with Verizon?

After about 3 attempts to talk to someone on the phone I kept getting transferred or looped around or asked questions I had no answer for (plus it is difficult to do stay on the phone long periods of time while watching my son) I gave up. I went to the automated help line couldn't find anything there. I finally got a live person in text chat, that walked me through a simple process of ordering a newer modem router. The person never answered any of my questions about what the modem router was, or what its abilities were. If it had wifi, was there any usb inputs to place a harddrive straight into to the router. I did get walked through.

Sadly in the end I had no confirmation, email, or any idea or proof that I actually did anything. Maybe I missed the crucial print this invoice number for your records, or maybe I assumed I would of received an email, like you usually do of the changes I made. I do remember him saying it would cost me 80 bucks which I see no record of in my billing yet.

So I tried to get the live guy online again tonight 3 days later, either that line busy or they have gone home for the night.

Also the emails I have sent are almost 1 week old with no reply.

The answer is probably simple, and I am probably not seeing the easy help button.

Hooking up a modem and router is not a problem, just need information.

Any help would be nice.

Sorry for my frustration. 

Re: Trying to upgrade my westell model 327 modem
Super User
Super User

You can use whatever you want to use on the DSL service, whether it would be getting a Verizon-supported unit such as a Westell 7500, or purchasing your own Gateway or Modem and router. The only real requirement that the DSL modem must have is that it can support ADSL, which almost every modem you find out there should support. ADSL2+ modems are suggested though. At this point, it's basically just finding a setup that you are comfortable with, and if you choose to go the non-Verizon route, that you at least keep the 327w around just in case you do need to call Verizon.