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Two Year Contract

Let me get this straight you want me to switch back to COMCAST every 2 years.

If not you would allow my router to connect to all my devices and 

you would  address my concerns, no just raise my bill after 2 years.  Actually I should get a credit for all the Internet I didn't get.  I found out my son was using his data plan for regular house Internet. $$$

So are you limiting devices to control bandwidth? My ROKU is one device that will not connect reliably,  I have to use a cable.  Oh it sits next to the router. 

My work Windows computer will not connect wirelessly. It is sporatically connected.

I tried to connect somes RASPBERRY PIs to the internet for a project.  Wireless did not work. Chip computer wireless did not work. My wifes Android phone does not connect wirelssly but her MAC computer is fine.  All devices worked fine is the past.

So when did you start limiting devices.  Oh Network printer does not connect wirelessly we have to use usb cable now. 

Why do I get an IP address but no internet.  Are you playing with DNS to limit people. I used to block people with a hosts file when I worked IT.  Rebooted routed no change. 

Why do I get a  169.254 address from your router. Rebooted router no change.  Does your router software need some work?

When we called a tech told me verizon has a bot virus. How does an ISP allow a bot virus?  Finally got him to order a new router. Paid rent on the other one for 3 years almost. 

Maybe I just need to switch back to COMCAST but they suck too. You assued me you were much better two years ago....and you were for awhile. 

Word get around to others when I talk about you on a forum.  

Re: Two Year Contract

You could talk all you want on the forum. It does absolutely no good. We are customers helping customers. Now having said that. Let proceed.

you received new customer pricing two years ago when you signed up. You knew the costs would raise after that time frame. You either call in and try to work a deal or you have options. You can stay and pay the price, or you can go to anywhere you wish since you are not in a contract. 

Now you stated you use to work in IT? Well then you know that WiFi is not faster, farther or even reliable with any router or service. Verizon does not guarantee your WiFi will work let alone continue to work. What they guarantee is you will get at or above the speeds you are contracted for.

there is a great possibility the router you own/rent is bad and needs to be replaced.

it could quite possibly be a bad ONT or both. Call 1-800-VERIZON and speak to them.

And again you are speaking of wireless connectivity which is not something Verizon can fix since it could be any or all of the devices just are not set to use WiFi.

Now the IP address you are stating is not from the router, Verizon would be which should be the routers access. A subset of 259.***** is possible but will not affect your speeds or WiFi connectivity. 

If you are using the Quantum router it will need to be updated to the recent firmware version Verizon put out to improve WiFi connectivity. If you either unplug it and wait 10 minutes then plug back in it may get the update. Or simply hit the reset button on the router and it will grab it that way.

and using ETHERNET for the Roku is much better than again using a flaky WiFi connection.

lastly you could simply use your own router as an access point and use the far superior WiFi of say an Asus or a Netgear Router .

you cannot blame Verizon for everything.