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Upgrade High Speed Internet

Let me just preface this by saying -- I am so frustrated with Verizon.  Here's my dilemma.

This past weekend I was watching a webcast (first time doing this) and it kept freezing up every few seconds and then catching up.  I could watch it but it was annoying.  I figured it was my connection because when I came into work to watch it the webcast was fantastic -- no problems.

So on Sunday, I decided to call Verizon (my least favorite thing to do in the entire world) to see if I could upgrade my service so that I could finish watching the webcast normally. 

Talked to the first rep who assured me that this was no problem -- and after several repeated inquiries she guaranteed that it would be IMMEDIATE (with a 15 to 30 minute wait).  This was around 10:30am on Sunday.  I watched another half hour of the webcast with the skipping and saw no improvement after that 30 minutes.  The webcast was taking a 30 minute break so I thought maybe it would help if I shut the router and computer down (while I went to do something else) and all would be good when I returned.

No such luck!  When I rebooted everything I had NO SERVICE.  So I called Verizon back.  First, I got the automated recording saying "I see you've made a change to your HPI service.  Are you calling about that change?"  Since I was, I said yes and got another recording saying that my change would take effect on Thursday, March 29.  WHAT?  I was told it was immediate.  So I asked for an agent and this person told me that I would have intermittent service until Thursday. 

Well, I didn't have INTERMITTENT service -- I HAD NO SERVICE.  And was not able to finish watching the webcast ... Verizon is so lucky that I didn't have to pay for that webcast or they would be reimbursing me for that too.  So I called again on Monday and this person I talked to said that I would not have any service until Thursday.  I then filled out a written comment from the Verizon website (from work since I had no home service) and received the following reply:

".......The change that was made would not have turned off your existing service, only changed the speed on March 29. Your inability to watch a web cast had nothing to do with this change order, and no additional credits will be applied to your account."

So, you tell me -- if I read this correctly I should have had service from Sunday to Thursday and the upgrade would take effect on March 29.  Right?  Well, here it is Thursday and guess what?  I STILL HAVE NO SERVICE!!!!!!  What do I have to do to get this resolved?

If I had known that the change in speed would not take effect immediately (on Sunday while watching the webcast) I would not have authorized the change. I just expect to be told correct information -- and I wasn't.  Three different people told me three different things and the written response was different too.  So which is it?  Immediate, intermittent, none, or no change in service until Thursday?  Come on people - this isn't rocket science!!

I'm getting ready to call back yet again.  Any suggestions?