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Using a dial-up modem

I guess I'm posting this out of sheer desperation, although it sounds like there isn't anything that can be done.  I moved to the DC area last November and before signing an 18-month lease, I contacted Verizon directly, and my building also contacted their local Verizon rep to ensure that I would have no problems using a dial-up modem connection.  I was very upfront about what I needed the line for and was given every assurance that everything would be fine.  

Unfortunately, my fax modem is prone to constant disconnects, and I've been told by Verizon tech support that they can't run copper to the premesis.  I need the line to perform closed captioning for television.  Closed captioning still uses antequated technology which involves the text of what's being said on the program to be transmitted from my home to the TV station via the phone lines.  The modem regularly disconnects at 32 and 37 past the hour -- that's almost guaranteed -- as well as other times.

So long story short, Verizon tells me everything is fine until I sign a lease and sign up for service and tech support basically tells me there's nothing that can be done.  It's my livlihood that's on the line and there's nothing I can do about it. If by some miracle someone knows of something I can do to make a data transmission connection stable on fiberoptic lines, I'd be very grateful.  I've tried just about every fix I possibly can.


Re: Using a dial-up modem
Super User
Super User

Some people find by changing the error correction settings or speed on the modems, you can improve the reliability of a modem over FiOS voice. Realistically it shouldn't be causing a problem. Have you tried tinkering with the modem's settings if at all possible?