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Verizon Customer Service Has Become Astonishingly Atrocious

A month or so I upgraded to Quantum and my WIFI speeds have somehow been slower than they were before upgrading. When I initially spoke with chat agent to check into upgrading, he told me how impressed I was going to be with the speed. Since the rental fees for my set top boxes, modem, and router were never mentioned to me when I opened my account, I asked multiple times if upgrading would require me to inherit any new equipment or account change fees and was ensured that I wouldn’t. A couple days later, I received a return kit, but there were no directions included to let me know exactly what I was supposed to be sending back, nor did I receive any new equipment. I waited a couple days to see if I was sent new equipment that hadn’t arrive yet. After a couple days, I called and talked to an agent who initially apologized and told me that I was supposed to receive new equipment and he would fix the problem and have the the equipment mailed to me. Later in the same call, he said that he was mistaken and told me that the router that I was renting can still be used with the speed upgrade. He asked that I give it a couple days just to see if the speed upgrade hadn’t kicked in yet. I heeded his request and contacted customer service when the speeds remained slow. The chat agent tried a number of troubleshooting methods and asked me to plug my PC directly into the router 4 different times. The first time he asked me to do this, I told him that I only have an iPad and dont own a PC. I reminded him of this the next two times that he requested I do so again. He said that the issue could be that my 2 year old iPad was too old of a device to handle the higher speeds, and seemed un-phased by my reminder that I was using the same device that had faster speeds with the slower, less expensive plan. After he exhausted all of his troubleshooting methods, he told me that he has done everything available to him to try, and said that he hoped that I would be understanding for his limitations. I asked if that was it, and asked him if Verizon seriously doesn’t send a tech to take care of the problem when their services aren’t working directly. He informed me that he is unable to send a technician without me plugging my PC directly into a the router so that he could figure out what the problem is. He told me that there could be a problem with the router and there was nothing else he could do. Somehow it seemed irrelevant to him that the router I’m using is one that I’m paying your company monthly to rent. I asked if I should just give up on the higher speeds and revert back to the less expensive plan that somehow has higher speeds, but he told me that wouldn’t be necessary. I concluded that he’s living on a different planet from the one on which I’m living, and thanked him for his time.

(Paragraph break to allow the various absurdities thus far to sink in and to give you a chance to hydrate, if needed)

I consulted with a tech savvy friend, and was told that it’s possible that the cord used to contact my modem to my router (also from your company) may not be sufficient for handling the post upgrade speeds, and that it’s possible the wiring to my apartment may not be fiber wiring yet. He suggested that I call again to troubleshoot with a tech who isn’t just reading from a prepared script. That sounded reasonable enough, so I decided to give it a shot.

(Remember... 2:1 water to Gator Aid ratio to make sure you get your electrolytes)

Taking the advice, I called and talked to a tech on the phone yesterday to take another hack at getting those speeds I’m paying for.

Ok, Verizon. Give it up. It’s time to tell me where you’re hiding Ashton Kutcher.

Re: Verizon Customer Service Has Become Astonishingly Atrocious

First Verizon does not use modems. They use routers. Either actiontec or Quantum Gateway G1100 in addition if you use their tv then set top boxes or cablecards. Phone well that would be self explanatory.

Now to your friend. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. It’s true the ethernet cable coming from your Optical Network Terminal (ONT) may be damaged or kinked or the ends may be bad. But since you are using WiFi yep WiFi is no indication of true speeds. As two representatives have explained to you that you must have a physical connection to a lan port on the router to do the Verizon speedtest or the app which can test the speed from Verizon’s servers to your home, and the speeds from your devices either wired or WiFi but of course you have to use the tools or your problem will still exist.

for the 100,000 time I say this “ WiFi speeds are from your router and not from your internet service provider” “also WiFi speeds will never even come close to listed speeds you may be provisioned to you” it’s known far and wide. Google it and learn.

also the router speed test can be done either over the internet or through the app which is iPad friendly. I am using an iPad 4 mini to type this. My speeds on WiFi are around 420/340 however iPads cannot be hardwired easily to a router. I have read there is a device that mimics a 10/10/1000 connection as which laptops use to connect to a router.