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Verizon I Want DSL
Enthusiast - Level 1

I live in the country and my only option is satellite. I am fed up with it. I had it for 5 years. I am in college and need it a lot for school. Since I need it a lot for school, I constantly hit the data limit which is 17GB per month. Once I hid it, it takes at least a month to get the speeds back. Wireless is out of the question because of the low data limits on that too. Besides I live too far out for wireless. Here are a few reasons why you need to bring DSL to my area.

1) School/College - so many people need the internet for schools these days. Without it they miss out on the education they can receive online. It seems like every time we get a project in college, you need the internet.

2) Online Courses - So many people would love to do online courses to receive and education and can’t because all we can get is satellite and with that, they’d push your speeds to dialup. With dialup speeds you’d flunk your courses. Can’t do Wireless because of the strict data limits on that too.

3) We are missing out on the same fun as everybody else. We can’t watch youtube videos, we can’t enjoy services such as Netflix, can’t download too many songs.

Also I guarantee if you sent a letter to people saying that you’d bring DSL if they are willing to pay $60 a month, I guarantee they’d say yes. I spoke with one of your represenatives, and she told me that rural citizens are out of luck and don't expect anything until 2030. DSL is so much fun and it breaks my heart that you have abandoned all rural customers. Don’t tell me you can’t afford it because you guys make money off of phone, DSL, wireless, fios, cell phones, TV, and accessories.


Re: Verizon I Want DSL
Contributor - Level 3


We understand your concerns, you can share this information on our ideas page below.

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Re: Verizon I Want DSL
Super User
Super User

In all seriousness: Get you and a bunch of people nearby you to talk Verizon into installing a few of these:

I know Verizon uses ADTRAN as a supplier for their ADSL2+ DSLAMs, and something like this I'm surprised Verizon hasn't really taken up to try and grab a few people for Internet. I mean, just look at it. Line-powered, Pole-mountable DSLAM that can run off of several T1 lines (Not much but if Verizon does things right even with congestion it'll still destroy what you've got now.) or off of a Fiber circuit and can be tied into the existing DSL/ATM Network they currently own. They do ADSL2+ as well and can seriously be purchased by anyone since they're not too expensive.