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Verizon Internet Need Help

My internet has been very slow lately, here are the results to a test:

Ping: 1129

Download: 0.11 mbps

Upload: 0.39 mbps

Sometimes the ping is around 50-60 and that is the lowest it ever gets and the download speed is usually 1.25 mbps, but for some reason even when it says 1.25 mbps, downloads only go about 140-150 kbps, the upload speed usually stays around 0.30 mbps. Trying to go on google and other sites takes a very long time, downloads also take forever, and gaming is just about not possible anymore. We have Verizon internet, it is a gateway router i think it is called, it is a router and a modem in one box and is connected to the wall via phone jack. The internet is set up in an odd spot where none of our devices are in, so all devices we have are connected wireless, i did run a wired test too, there is no difference in speed. Our router/modem model is this: GT784WNV
I was thinking, if we got a modem and a router instead, would that make our internet any faster? I would also set it up in my room. Here is the modem and router i was looking at:



Thank you to anyone who is able to help!

Re: Verizon Internet Need Help
Contributor - Level 2

 First of all, that modem would be pointless because it's a cable modem, not a DSL modem.

Also, if you ask me, an AC router is also pointless with DSL as there is no way you'll ever get to maximize its use.

What speed are you supposed to be getting?  Sounds like a congestion issue ...

Go to in your browser and go to "Status" and then "WAN Status" and copy/paste what's there.  Let's see what your actual line stats look like.