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Verizon Troubleshooter---are you kidding me?
I called in twice to Verizon technical support this evening, & both times the tech created an online ticket that I could view as an open ticket in "Verizon Troubleshooter". I typed in an update to each open ticket, and in both cases as soon as I hit “update trouble ticket”, Verizon changed the status of the ticket from open to closed, and I received the message: "we found no open tickets for this account”. Unbelievable. Its apparent Verizon doesn’t want you to make any updates or comments in your online open ticket. In the first ticket this evening Verizon tech reported the problem online in "Verizon Troubleshooter" as "NO CONNECTION". However during the 1st call with Verizon, I requested help with: 1a) frequent disconnects with Verizon internet & 1b) slow connection speeds (which was not addressed nor resolved by agent, & was told by agent everything was working well); 2) frequent loud hissing noise that’s not getting blocked by dsl filters Verizon provided, & I requested 3 replacement filters to use with the 3 phones (but was told I had to pay to replace Verizon’s defective filters); & 3) Ethernet cable that keeps coming out of the jack at one end; this is the cable Verizon provided with their modem & this problem has existed since I first started using the cable, (was told by agent to go buy an Ethernet cable as Verizon doesn’t replace their defective equipment). No resolution from agent during first call which lasted approx 90 minutes. In the 2nd ticket this evening Verizon tech reported the problem online in "Verizon Troubleshooter" as "HSI" with no other comments. During the 80 minute phone call, tech told me everything was fine with my Verizon internet connection even though he also told me he could hear alot of noise & interference on my phone line during our call. I asked the tech in the 2nd phone call how I could get my update posted in the repair ticket they posted online, & he told me he didn’t know. I asked the same question of the agent in the “Live Chat” & he told me: “let me get someone from the DSL right away, who are aware of these informations... I can get you one of my colleague who can help you with the informations.” I give up. Has any customer had success updating their service ticket online in "Verizon Troubleshooter"? If so, how did you do it?
Re: Verizon Troubleshooter---are you kidding me?
Super User
Super User

To start, if you get noise on your phone line you need to troubleshoot this in this way:

  1. Call Verizon Voice Repair from another phone line. Do not use your landline, so that the Verizon rep on the other end can perform line tests. You'll likely get stuck at a phone system that won't let you talk to an agent at first. If you get to the point where the phone system warns you about not finding a problem, press 0 to talk to someone.
  2. When the tech arrives, have them ensure the static on your phone line is corrected before leaving. If the Voice service is improved, DSL will follow.
  3. If you don't already have one, consider getting a DSL Homerun installed. This is a setup where a single jack in your home is dedicated for DSL, and the rest of your home is filtered by a single filter which Verizon installs into their NID. Verizon can supply these usually free of charge to resolve issues (and they used to install these for all customers running faster than 3Mbps for free), since they don't have to run existing wiring but can usually just make do with what is already in your home.