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Verizon not letting me re-bundle my Standard Internet + Phone, post no. 2

I wanted to reply gwdew's post but Verizon forum disabled the 'Reply' button within that message post.

My Verizon service is Double Play which includes Regional Essentials and HSI.  Three months ago, I contacted Verizon customer service via phone and chat line requesting to renew my Double Play.  Both of them tried to convince me, borderline coerced, to get FIOS. They went on that it's faster, has a battery backup, and DSL will go away.  I didn't want FIOS and stated that my copper phone line was working fine after Hurricane Sandy hit Staten Island while FIOS was not working when there were no electricity for days.  I stuck with my current Double Play plan while they jacked up the price by $5.

Every time I searched VZ web site with my address, I don't get the HSI options.  I only get FIOS choices.  I visited my neighbor next store who uses Time Warner for Internet service with MagicJack phone service.  He got rid of VZ FIOS two years ago. When he searched the Verizon web site, he could pull up HSI and FIOS choices.  VZ selectively offers different services to current VZ customers and non-VZ customers. How come I don't get HSI choices while my next door neighbor does?

Last year, I was getting VZ HSI speed from 1.2Mbs to 1.5 Mbs.  Earlier this year, that speed was averaging .95 Mbs.  As of this week, I'm now getting .80 Mbs.  Nice going VZ with the coercion.

I would like to continue with the HSI option and not FIOS.  I have empathy for gwdew for what you've been through.  {please keep it relevant}

I've been a VZ customer since the AT&T spinoff.  I am also a VZ shareholder.  My experience as well as gwdew's are dreadful.  I am thinking of writing a letter about this and sending it to VZ CEO and Chairman, Lowell McAdam.

Re: Verizon not letting me re-bundle my Standard Internet + Phone, post no. 2
Enthusiast - Level 3

Same problem here too.  Not interested in FIOS.  Landline handled all storms & back-up battery is not required.

First problem is the customer servcie rep.  A simple request and placed on hold.  Rep came back crazy & told me Verizon is discontinuing landline service in my area and I have to upgrade to FIOS.  This is definitely an argument a customer never wins  (2008 my paid for telephone service is disconnected by spiteful alleged supervisor).  Expiration date was never available on my VZ online account or billing (surprise!). 

What a whopper of a bill I received the past 3 months.  I refuse to participate in VZ legal extortion plan and chose not to pay last months billing.  Recently, I did receive a call from the Escalation Department.  I'm wondering if they are FIOS closer? 

Note. Verizon had absolutely no problem sending the update Terms of Service to consumers.  Key 1: Renewing customers.  Key 2: All complaints must be arbitrated before filing in Small Claims Court (or something to that effect). 

Is that screaming 'Monopoly' or what?


Also, used to be a shareholder until last year (displeased with corporate tactics).   Yes, please do write a certified letter to L McAdam (mine signed on April 9, with no reply).