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Westell 327W Internet LED Out following hard reset
Enthusiast - Level 1

My modem was operating fine, but I needed to disable wifi as I was installing a new router behind the modem.  Unfortunately I forgot the modem password (which had been customized) and was forced to do a hard reset to return the modem to its factory defaults.  Now I have solid DSL light and blinking wifi (which would be normal), but I have no internet LED - not red, not blinking, nothing.  Just out.  Any advice before I have to call support?

Re: Westell 327W Internet LED Out following hard reset
Super User
Super User

Disconnect your router from the modem, and connect a PC to your modem. Once this is set and the PC is online only though the modem, press and hold the reset button down on the back of the modem for 30 seconds. When you release the button, give the modem a few minutes to reboot and auto-configure itself. Once the modem appears to have settled down and the Internet light has lit up (after DSL goes solid), visit on your PC. The modem will ask you for a new password to set (if it prompts for a password via a browser login window, use admin as the username, password as password). Set the modem's password to something you will remember, in case you need to visit it again. At this point, the modem should be holding an IP address, and indicate that it is fully connected.

From here, this part is *VERY IMPORTANT*. We need to disable the walled garden on the modem. Visit and log in using your username and password combination for the modem. You should then see a page that says "RESTRICTED" and you should also see a Disable button on that page. Click Disable.

From this point, verify you can reach sites such as and, and you do not get redirected to a Verizon Setup page.

From here, you are set to reconnect your router and configure the modem as it was before we reset it.

Some extra notes:

#1 Since your modem combo has built in wireless in it, you should disable wireless in it - otherwise it creates a major security flaw.

#2 After you follow the instruction on to set your modem to Bridge mode - The Internet light on the modem doesn't light up, which is fine/normal.