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Westell 7500 Connectivity Problem

I just got a Verizon High Speed Internet service with Westell 7500 modem/router.

The problem is that it does not keep the connection steady. Every few minutes the modem drops the connection to the internet and I have to revive it.

Here is what happens. In the beginning the DSL and Internet lights go on steady green. Then after a few minutes the Internet light goes off and I looses the connection. Sometimes the Internet light stays solid green, but the connection gets dropped. To get it back to life I have to either reboot it (power down and up), or just simply disconnect the phone line and put it back in. This re-connection gets it to restart, the DSL light blinks for a while and then goes solid green. After that the Internet light goes on, and I have the connection.

However, it gets lost after a few minutes again.

Also, it seems to heat up a lot. Can't say that it is burning hot, but still pretty hot.

Is this a problem with the modem, or a bad phone line? Did anybody have the same problem.

I only connect my laptop with a wire; could not figure out yet how to make it run wireless. Anyway, with this connectivity problem it does not matter how I connect to the modem itself.

Re: Westell 7500 Connectivity Problem
Super User
Super User
Please post your modem stats.

If you do not what this means, please show the first screen that you see in your router after you log-in to it.
Re: Westell 7500 Connectivity Problem
Enthusiast - Level 2

When I first got my DSL with my Westell 7500 modem, I would experience the exact same thing.  I went round and round with the folks at Verizon DSL tech support people.  They assured me that it was fixed.  I told them it was not, and the connection actually went down again while they were telling me it was fixed.  I don't deal with their out of the country call centers anymore.

I ended up filing a complaint with the State Corporation Commission and the FCC.  That prompted a phone call from someone at the presidential tech support center.  They attempted several different fixes including sending me a new Westell 7500 modem.  Eventually they had the service techs change out some connection switches at the DSL sub station for our neighborhood, and that seemed to drease the number of disconnections that I experience but not eliminate them.

I have the 3MBPS service. My connection now disconnects every night at 8:25pm on the nose.  My sister-in-law, who has the 768 kbps service has had no issues.

Sometimes you just have to raise a little heck to get things fixed.

Re: Westell 7500 Connectivity Problem

Dear scyphedude,


 I want to do this too.

I have had 2 technicians come to my home for inspection and I am on my second Westell 7500.  The second technician didn’t even bother looking around, he just saw the modem and asked no questions: “It is your modem”, and then left. We are supposed to get a new modem “soon”, but I have little hope on it.

I have probably been on the phone with tech support at least ten times since I got my DSL, and with the billing department twice. I asked to be reimbursed or get a discount for all the troubles they have caused me.  After an hour of arguing, I got $10 back… what a joke.

This is just unacceptable.