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Westell G90-610015-20 11/2009 mfr date Loses Internet all the time.

I have a Westell G90-610015-20 DSL Modem. Its connected to the phone line, power supply, and ethernet cable which runs to a Cisco Wireless N router. The DSL modem is out in the open but runs Very hot. I got the DSL modem to work for two whole days this past week, but it died again today. The internet light goes out so frequently that I've given up on the daily (sometimes hourly) re-syncs of the DSL. I am currently connected through my neighbors unsecured wireless router. Otherwise I would have no interent at all. This has been going on for nearly a year. With multiple calls to VZ, and only being told to unplug the DSL for 15 seconds and do a reboot. Ive had it with it. We have VZ for home phone, too. Never any noise through it, or probems with it. Im constantly told that I dont need a tech to come look at it, clearly this DSL modem is junk. Judging by the number of other posts about the 6100 modems, I think its time to upgrade! Or do away with VZ service all together, my wife and I rarely use our home phone, and are forced to use our neighbors network for internet. Why keep it?

Re: Westell G90-610015-20 11/2009 mfr date Loses Internet all the time.
Super User
Super User
The older Westell 6100s (the bulky ones) tended to be of higher quality. I have one that's about 5 years old and it runs great. The newer ones do seem to overheat more frequently as you've mentioned due to their size, and I haven't heard the best of things about the Westell 7500s either (last I checked, not a single heat sink inside any one of them). But if you can, post up your modem logs (Avoid rebooting the modem! That will clear it of important info I'm looking for) as it might clue into what's going on. Otherwise, try as you suggested and pick up another DSL modem that could be used. It doesn't matter what you use, just as long as it supports the ADSL Standards.