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Westnell 7500 wirelss connection headache

I'm having major problems setting up my wireless network. I received a Westnell 7500 to replace my old modem which I had connected to a D-Link router. I have an iMac that runs Snow Leopard and my wireless network operated fine up until my router died. I can browse the internet just fine with my wired computer but when i go to connect any of my wireless devices (iPod Touch, Wii, PS3) to the network i receive an internet connection fail signal from each device. On my PS3 I set thru the Network Setup screen and when I test my connection it is able to obtain my IP address but fails when it tries to connect to the internet.

I've downloaded the In-Home Agent which was no help and have called Verizon customer support numerous times. I was told that I need to purchase the Advanced Customer Support  Package to solve this problem, which seems ridiculous to me since I had no problem connecting these devices with my previous modem/router combo. When I try to reset my network using non-Verizon supported modem/routed combos i get stuck in the Walled Garden and am forced to call Support and receive the same run around about the Advanced Customer Support  Package.

I'm at my wits end with this problem and would really appreciate any assistance with this problem. I like Verizon's DSL, when functioning properly, and no do wish to switch ISP's, but this problem has been unresolved for a month and I see no other choice but go to a company that is more willing to assist me with their products.

Thanks for the help in advance

Re: Westnell 7500 wirelss connection headache
Super User
Super User

#1 Do you still have that D-Link Router?

#2 If so, what is the exact model of that D-Link router?

#3 What is the brand and model of the old DSL modem?

#4 Try to go to  and try to log-in (as need be)

#5 * -> If you need a Username and Password, try:





#6 Are you using the White and Blue or the Red and Black Firmware?

#7 In you don't know what I mean by my last question..

The Red and Black firmare looks something like the info at

and the White and Blue Firwmare looks something like the info at

Re: Westnell 7500 wirelss connection headache
Enthusiast - Level 2

It MAY be as simple as the network password setup. When I switched to Verizon from Comcast, I already had a wireless network setup with a long WPA password allowing all my devices to connect securely. The default WEP settings of the 7500 won't be recognized by your devices. Go into your advanced settings of your modem after loggong on. You'll need to enter a user name and password for that section -- use something you can easily remember but NOT "admin" or "password". You can then select your security -- even though Verizon defaults to WEP, that's the least secure so I'd go with WPA. You can then enter the old pass code setup and SSID you had before or configure a new one -- just be sure all your devices have the same code or they won't be able to log on to the network.

ALSO -- if you ever need to use the red reset button on the 7500, you will  lose all your settings and will need to re-enter the passcode. I found that out by bitter experience.

Re: Westnell 7500 wirelss connection headache
Super User
Super User

For future reference, after a reset, visit and change the router's password of admin/password to something you can remember. From there, visit or and choose Disable on the walled garden. This will allow you to configure the modem manually without having to go through support or running any software to do this for you.

Second of all, the Westell 7500s should all be running the Red and Black Firmware, which should be updated enough to take care of the devices you wish to use. A friend of mine has a 7500 and has an iPod Touch on it without an issue. The only thing I would double check is to make sure the security code you are putting in is correct. I do suggest changing the router to use WPA-PSK TKIP (unfortunately the highest supported mode by the 7500, probably limited by firmware or a super cheap wireless radio, WPA2-PSK AES is where you should be at these days) and setting up your own key away from the default.

EDIT: Looking through the documentation on the non-Verizon 7500s, they seem to support WPA2-PSK AES Encryption. Surprising the Verizon 7500s do not as I've seen some routers from the days of the Westell 327w being used supporting WPA2 natively.

Re: Westnell 7500 wirelss connection headache

After talking with another verizon customer it seems that my issue might have to do with the verizon dsl activation software. I when to the page when i first received the westnell 7500, i downloaded the install program and ran the program, but it fails after 30% complete. I receive the following error message:

The flow will not proceed due to Missing Hand-off Parameters:




guid value=408ad6aa-a329-b341-a8fb-0026bb64bac2

ver value=1.0.0

accesstype value=

service_provider value=verizon

customertype value=

sp value=0

thd value=476611

password value=

language value=english

line value=

phonenumber value=

regstep value=wba1

cpu value=2147

txtype value=

cdtype value=

ram value=2047

ie value=

oscode value=10.6.6

shd value=393596

zipcode value=

username value=

cpeupdate value=no

tmid value=73.92.a0.96.43.00


Since i was still able to access the internet I didn't think that this was having an effect on my dsl service, but I now belive that is the case.  Dose anyone know what causes this error?

Re: Westnell 7500 wirelss connection headache

Just wanted to add-on that I'm experiencing the EXACT same issue where the installer throws the exact same error at 30%.


I'd love to know what's going wrong and if there's a fix for it.