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What speeds am I actually supposed to get?

Like the title says, I keep hearing a bunch of different things from everybody. One person says "300kbps is what I'm supposed to get" while another person says "no you're supposed to be able to get 7.1-15mbps". By the way, I have HSI Enhanced. What is the truth here? Honestly, I'm getting really frustrated with Verizon overall with a whole bunch of CSRs never knowing what's right and what's not.

This is a picture of my Transceiver Statistics in case someone needs to see it:

I just want faster internet. If I have to switch to Blue Ridge Cable to do it, I will. It's been 10 years with Verizon and I find it really hard to believe that nothing can be done.

Re: What speeds am I actually supposed to get?
Enthusiast - Level 3

so far what i can read based on your picture is your package is 3mb and 768 , so you would be getting up to 3 but your line atm is recieveing 3360 down and 864 with those sound margins your main attainable is probably more then that but what will  factor if you can upgrade your package is  the loop length which is how far are you from the CO or the remote terminal

you can ask a rep on the phone for the max attainable and your loop length to get a general idea,  if you are not far from the CO or terminal your line might be able to get the 5 - 7 package range but everything will have to be checked before processing that , 

but as for the general question you was asking your suppose to get up to 3mb down and 768 up the line is getting a little more because its a solid connection atm with no problems  anything after that will have to be tested with a wired PC to the modem and speedtest at verizon.