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Why can't I get ANY Internet from you? I have your land line!

I live 8 miles outside of Fredericksburg, Texas. Despite being relatively close to town, I can't get ANY Internet. No cable, no fiber, no DLS... NOTHING! Why is that? The land line at my house is not activate, but states that I need to contact you for service. Your product finder does allow for DirecTV, which I already have, and phone service.

So if you can offer my phone service, why no Internet??!!

I'm not THAT far out in the country, and the best you can offer me is 5Gb crippled 3G service! Smiley Mad

When can I expect that 4G fixed LTE service is going on about? If you don't cripple that with a stupidly low cap, keeping the cap at 20Gb or preferably higher, I'd sign in right now!

Re: Why can't I get ANY Internet from you? I have your land line!
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Good Morning,

We can check the availability for you here in refernce to Internet. I sent you a PM to start.

In refernece to the LTE service we do not have any information on availability at this time.

Verizon Support

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Re: Why can't I get ANY Internet from you? I have your land line!
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Super User

There's a lot of people in my area with the same problem you are seeing, and they are stuck with a small Sprint reseller by the name of Cricket for Wireless access. Cricket is strict on their Usage Policy. Go over a few gigabytes and you're at dial-up speeds for the rest of the night. There's plenty of people out here who could get DSL if the cables were running a certain way or if mini DSLAMs were installed, but either the DSLAMs are all filled or they are in a terrible spot. A friend of mine lives in front of a cell phone tower that has FIBER Feeding it. There is a DSLAM 500 feet from his home, and he has no Cable on his street. He can't get anything but wireless services.

Anyways, just because you have a landline doesn't mean you can get DSL. Check your neighbors' addresses to see if they can get something from Verizon. If your entire street cannot get DSL what so ever, you could consider pushing Verizon to install a small DSLAM somewhere, but that might end up being a long battle.

As far as LTE service goes? I wouldn't define it as 4G until it meets the ITU Standard of 100Mbps on the downstream. It also is by no means meant for home Internet service and I personally wouldn't touch a wireless connection regardless of how fast it is.

Re: Why can't I get ANY Internet from you? I have your land line!

I also have a Verizon landline and cannot get high speed internet.  I live 8 miles outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia and the only options in my neighborhood are satellite, wireless and/or dial-up. I was told several years ago that Verizon was not expanding their DSL service area in my area due to Fios being rolled out in our general vicinity, however Verizon has decided to slow down (stop) expanding the Fios network leaving thousands of loyal customers with little or no options.

But then again what is Verizon's incentive to run DSL or Fios to my area and have me pay an average of $35/mo, when they can get away with offering only wireless service with a 10 or 20 GB monthly allotment for $50/mo or $80/mo, then call me and customers in my situation "bandwidth hogs" if we exceed our allowance???

I live half way between Washington, DC & Richmond, VA....two major metropolitan areas and cannot get high speed parents live in a very small town in rural Georgia and have access to high speed, go figure.