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Worst customer service

We switched to Verizon August 2017 from Comcast. On January 26th, I went into the Verizon store at 118 Shawan road to return a router we no longer use since we had purchased a google mesh network. A gentleman helps me and processes the return. He asks me to confirm my email and that the confirmation will be sent. I go home and check my email and see that he has cancelled our internet service. I didn’t request it nor did he confirm with me before doing so. So, I call Verizon about 5:05 and speak to a gentleman named Gary who says he can restore it and all is well, we should be good to go. We were not good to go. Then we call back about an hour later and speak to Nora who was helpful. She informed us that we had to set up a new account and they couldn’t restore the old one. She set us up with a faster connection but would not be able to send the install kit until the 1st (1 gb at $75 per month). However, when we asked if we could continue our 150 mbps service until the kit arrived, we were told no, that it wasn’t available. I went on your website and you do offer 100, 150, 300, 500, etc. I am confused. I work from home and without the internet I cannot do my job. How can it be possible that the 150 mbps cannot be activated for a few days when we had it up until 4pm that very day, we were set to continue having it, and it’s offered on the website? The next day we call a regional sales person who tells us that is incorrect and that we should be able to have a temporary connection until the 1gb arrives. Then we call 1-800-Verizon and speak to a customer service agent who forwards us to a tech who can’t do anything until she receives an order. Then she suggests getting a customer service rep on the phone with us so we don’t have to wait. The customer service person comes on the line and says that it’s really only a few days wait without connection to which we replied that it is unacceptable as it’s Verizon’s error. As we insisted, after 2 hours on the phone, they were able to turn on the 100/100 mbps connection to hold us over. He would cancel the 1gb order and re-issue it to get the 100 mbps activated. This is where the real amusement begins. The 100 mbps is turned on and I receive an installation time and date. Thinking that this is just protocol, I ignore it assuming the gb order is not far behind. Well, it never comes. The technicians (who only follow the orders, so no fault to them) do actually show up and install the EXISTING 100 MBPS CONNECTION!!! With the router we returned in the first place!! How do you install something that is already there?! AND there is no record of a gb connection. So now we are even worse off than we started. Will we be charged the $99.99 installation fee? That was supposed to be waived? Will they double it? Who knows! This has been an experience like none other. How does a 5 minute employee error result in days and days of fixing the problem. What a joke. I can’t believe I left Comcast for this. My worst customer service experience is nothing compared to this. So what’s next? Sit on the phone for another 2 hours as my soul dies? Have Verizon run more credit checks for services that don’t actually come into fruition? How do I get information for a district, regional, nationwide, VP customer contact? I cannot talk to another customer service rep for hours only to have more issues.

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Re: Worst customer service
Community Manager
Community Manager

This issue has been escalated to a Verizon agent.