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attempting to discontinue dry loop DSL setup-and failing to do so

Hey guys-I'd like to get in touch with Verizon and get things sorted out here.  I'm "set up" for Verizon dry loop DSL, which was apparently discontinued a while ago.  Its speed has been extremely lousy even before that, so I switched to cable Internet quite some time ago.

However Verizon is still hitting me with a $40+ monthly bill for this dry loop DSL, which does not function at all, and apparently has been discontinued.

So I'd like to log in to the site to attempt to cancel from there, but not sure what my login and password are.  I am trying to register or log in, but they are requesting an account number.  Well, I don't get Verizon bills anymore due to the above, so I have no account number that I can find to work off of.  So with no account number, no login, and no password, I appear to have no way to cancel this $40+ recurring bill.

This is not cool-I am fairly well getting bilked here.  The credit card/debit card this is attached to is going to expire very soon, which is good because it will stop the payments forcefully.  However, I wonder if Verizon will continue to charge my "account" even after that.  The best course seems to be to get in touch with Verizon and cancel this stuff.

So Verizon if you're out there...let me know how I can cancel this dry loop DSL recurring charge in this isn't of use to me and you don't support it...

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Re: attempting to discontinue dry loop DSL setup-and failing to do so
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Super User

With Verizon, like most service providers, you must speak to a person to cancel.   There is no online cancel option.  They do that so they can have one last chance at keeping customers.  In short, you'll need to call them.

You've discovered one of the catch-22s of the modern, paperless, society.  If you forget your account number or loose your login credentials, you loose access to  your account.  Hopefully the Verizon reps can get into your account using your personal information, but you'll have to call them to find out.

Oh, and I wouldn't count on a canceled credit card stopping Verizon.  When the non-payments start piling up, they will hand the account over to collections.  You really need to call them and close the account.

Good Luck.

Re: attempting to cancel dry loop DSL setup-and failing to do so
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Super User

Unless your old bills are extremely dated, see if you can find a copy of one and locate the account number and security code. The telephone number associated with the dry loop DSL will be critical to getting through the phone support menu. The security code is required to access the account, but there are other ways the agent can identify you.