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can i stream two xbox 360 with netflix

can anyone suggest a trouble shooting tip i have 3 mbps and one streams fine the other buffers when i do my verizon speed test i get this and i just got service on july 25 and the speed test where never over 1mps its just two xbox 360 on xboxlive streaming netflix

Re: can i stream two xbox 360 with netflix

Looks like you're provisioned at 1.5Mbps/384kbps for some reason. Netflix needs at least 1.5Mbps per stream to work on SD comfortably. HD needs 4Mbps a pop, 5Mbps is great. It's hard to say what the Xbox 360s are using as far as quality goes, but it sounds like the one that does work is definitely maxing the connection out using SD.

What modem/router are you using? Need to get the Transceiver Statistics for your line to get an idea of why you're at the speed you are at.

Re: can i stream two xbox 360 with netflix

im using the actiontec model here is my test today i dont understand my cosuin stays right next door i live in a 10 unit building 2 flrs  and i streamed two xbox 360's wirelessly and a laptop no problem net flix was fine and he has 3 mbps as well i dont undersatand why mine isnt doing the same he has had verizon dsl for many years but our area only offers 3mbps irvington nj  and thank you so much for the reply

Re: can i stream two xbox 360 with netflix

SendBufferSize set to [8192]
running 10s outbound test (client to server) . . . . . 332.96Kb/s
running 10s inbound test (server to client) . . . . . . 983.82kb/s

------ Client System Details ------
OS data: Name = Windows 7, Architecture = x86, Version = 6.1
Java data: Vendor = Sun Microsystems Inc., Version = 1.6.0_21

------ Web100 Detailed Analysis ------
Client Receive Window detected at 65340 bytes.
Cable modem/DSL/T1 link found.
Link set to Full Duplex mode
No network congestion discovered.
Good network cable(s) found
Normal duplex operation found.

Re: can i stream two xbox 360 with netflix

Web100 reports the Round trip time = 483.29 msec; the Packet size = 1452 Bytes; and
No packet loss - but packets arrived out-of-order 0.91% of the time
This connection is receiver limited 55.76% of the time.
Increasing the the client's receive buffer (63.0 KB) will improve performance
This connection is sender limited 35.54% of the time.
This connection is network limited 8.69% of the time.

Web100 reports TCP negotiated the optional Performance Settings to:
RFC 2018 Selective Acknowledgment: ON
RFC 896 Nagle Algorithm: ON
RFC 3168 Explicit Congestion Notification: OFF
RFC 1323 Time Stamping: OFF
RFC 1323 Window Scaling: OFF
Information: Network Middlebox is modifying MSS variable
Server IP addresses are preserved End-to-End
Information: Network Address Translation (NAT) box is modifying the Client's IP address
Server says [] but Client says []