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connection issues
Enthusiast - Level 2

I wanted to know how many others out there have had issues with Verizon HSI??  I live on Long Island and can not get FIOS in my area.  So I have a regular DSL connection and im using a Westell 7500 wireless router.  Since i have become a customer of Verizon i have had issues with my internet going out.  Last year  October 2010, Verizon sent a tech out who then called a splicer to replace some bad lines outside of my house. They also changed my phone jacks so i no longer need filters.  I went through an awful NY winter weather season without any issues in my internet connection.  Come spring 2011 and my service starts to go bad.  I then begin to call the techs  and of course get frustrated and aggravated because they keep repeating the same questions even after i give them answers.  At times they are hard to understand and its very frustrating.  They sent out a tech who reapired the outside line.  A few months later the same thing happened.  I usually lose internet after it rains or when its windy. Again i call Verizon and even during their strike sent out a tech who fixed the outside line.  The end of August we got hit with hurricane Irene and my interent wasn't too bad.  I expected more outages but we were lucky.  A few weeks after that, my internet starting going bad yet once again.  I put off calling Verizon because its rather annoying to speak to them on the phone and time consuming.  So yesterday I finally called after a month of aggravation.  I have had to shut down my modem several times a day and lose internet on a regular daily basis.  We have been told by techs that my location may be a factor in getting a poor signal, or that the lines to my house are all bad and Verizon wont change them because they are too expensive to change.  I have also been told that squirrels eat the lines and water gets in.  Well hello Verizon I dont care about the reasons anymore.  I'm fed up and pay for service and i'm tired of having to call every month to get a tech to come out.  I want this fixed once and for all.  I am home again waiting today for a tech to come out to tell me the same thing and fix the issue only for it to be a temporary fix. I knwo in a few months i wil be calling Verizon once again to fix the same problem over and over that i have had for the last 3 years!!!!!

Oh and one more thing, I live in a mother-daughter ranch and my mother in law has Verizon phone service and whenever i call for a reapir to my outside DSL line they always mess up her phone line!!!

Re: connection issues
Super User
Super User

Log into the Westell at from any PC and then do the following, based on what you see.

1: If you see a Red and Black Verizon page with a bunch of information on it, click on the System Monitoring at the top navigation and then choose Advanced Monitors on the Left hand side Navigation. Press Yes past the prompt if any appears, and then choose Trasceiver Statistics.

2: If you see a Blue and White Westell page, select Troubleshooting, DSL, and then choose DSL/Transceiver Statistics.

Provide the Information you see there by copying and pasting it. It will contain information such as Attenuation, Margin, Power Level, and show the modem speed.

Should you be asked for a login, try the following:





Your Verizon Username and Password

The information I'm asking for here will let users who help on this board see how your line is running. If the physical loop is OK, they will have to check into other things. In the past, Verizon tech support agents used to ask for this information over the phone to verify how a line was operating, even though they could probably pull it up from the equipment on their end. Lately it seems that many of the agents no longer ask for this information for whatever reason (either they cannot see it, or are not trained to do so) but it's often a great place to start when slow speeds and disconnects are occurring.

#3 If you can't log-in to the router, please post and we will go from there to try to figure out what is going on....