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dsl frequent disconnection

Hi, so basically ever since i got my dsl service over 3 years ago, i've always have this problem where my connection would drop every once in a while (sometimes it drops every 5 minutes and sometimes it's fine for 1 or 2 hours). (btw i never had to do the moderm turn off/on thing the connection reconnects by itself in 1/2 min. also my phone wire from moderm to jack is about 30ft long, but i tried to put the moderm near the jack and used a 7ft wire and it still disconnects.)

but recently i found that for some reason my connection (download speed) slowed down quite a bit (i have the 3mbps plan and the speed dropped to 608kbps), and for some reason the connection was stable ever since. 'course once i reseted my moderm my speed went back to 3mbps and i fear again that it will probably drop anytime.

Anyway i was just wondering if the frequent disconnections were due to my connection speed being too fast, since at 3mbps it's unstable but at 608kbps it's fine. because if that's the case then i'll probably just downgrade my plan to 1.5mbps or the 768kbps plan. but i just want to get some opinions from professionals before i waste time doing anything rash.

btw my moderm is a Westell Versalink model 327w, and my page is the black and red background version.

My transcevier stats at 3mbps and 608 kbps is as follows: (only the download speed changed)

Transceiver Information Downstream Path Upstream Path

DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec)     3360 / 608                                                                768

Margin (dB)     8.5 / 14 (something similar i can't   remember)                    10.0

Line Attenuation (dB)          49.0 / 42                                                                        29.0

Transmit Power (dBm)        18.7 / 14.5                                                                 11.8

(In any case the general point is that at 608kbps the margin went up while the line and power went down, which is suppose to be good)

Re: dsl frequent disconnection
Super User
Super User
Your Transceiver Statistics don't look very good. Right now I can see right away that there is a line problem that may be the cause of the disconnects, lower upstream speed and low margins. Do you by any chance have access to a NID? Do you also have Phone Service with Verizon or no?