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dsl speed

It is absurd that verizon does not! offer higher dsl speeds for lower prices since they cannot provide fios in some areas!!!

I am really sick of the slow neighbors are  planning to change due to same issues !! speed !! terrible

Is it Verizon does not give a darn about long term customers that have been with them for years..

Truly Disgusted...

Now What! can be done far as i am concerned I got pretty much the same speed with the lower price

and the upgraded price  ..I have never seen near ...3....

althought someone

came out and said i should be getting 3 No Go!  I really think verizon 

could care less  as there baby is fios

Re: dsl speed
Super User
Super User

What speed are you currently getting now? What do your Transceiver Statistics look like? If you pay for 3Mbps, you technically also pay for 15Mbps service, so if the line is capable of more speed I'll help you get in the right direction of getting more.

Re: dsl speed
Enthusiast - Level 3

@tajicat: There are so many reasons for not getting the 3mpbs max (although, I suspect, even if your modem said connected at x speed, there are overheads in getting data over DSL, so it'll never get to the absolute max).

Make sure you are the only one using the internet, and have no backups or downloads going on, and do a speed test, say from:

click on the WIFI button. The reason I use this one, is that when there's not enough bandwidth, or the line is bad, java pages fail to load correctly, least this page is "simple" about getting the data without too much overhead.

The second step is to see what your modem says for the DSL line. Do you have access to the modem, and know how to look at it's stats?

@Smith6612: In light of your "technically also pay for 15mbps", and now my system seems to be responding well (knock on wood), seems my modem has a hint on what it can do:

  Max:    Upstream rate = 1000 Kbps, Downstream rate = 11808 Kbps

               Down            Up
SNR (dB):        47.1            11.0
Attn(dB):        14.5            10.0
Pwr(dBm):        17.2            11.9
What would be the steps for that (and is there a better forum to ask this question?)

Re: dsl speed
Super User
Super User

Grey, your upload speed sync rate does seem to be a bit lower than it should be. You may wish to investigate as to why that is. Taking your modem to your NID is a start, but that line should be good to go for the full 15Mbps. If you've got 11Mbps on the sync, you're already on compatible equipment. You can try asking Verizon's Billing Dept. to talk to provisioning, or even Tech support to get that bumped up, or you can try Verizon Direct over at DSLReports to see if they can help. You may get the response, however that the speed is set automatically. That is true, but it can also be overridden by someone with the credentials to do so.