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e911 and dryloop
Enthusiast - Level 2

We have a 3Mbps dry loop connection that fully meets all our needs.  We do not watch TV, we do not need a telephone line as we have cell phones & skype (for international).

We have just had our first child and would like the peace of mind of being able to dial 911 from a landline.  Dialing 911 from a cell phone takes a little longer to get through to emergency services as it's routed to the state police first for them to verify location.

Depending on who I contact at verizon, some say I do get e911 with my dryloop, others say I do not.  I do not want to test this or wait until an emergency to find out.

Queston 1) Do I have e911 with dry loop?

Question 2) I do not want a full blown telephone service just to get 911.  AT&T offer the cheapest option at ~$5/month for a no frills telephone line.  Can you match that service Verizon?

thanks! /pauric

Re: e911 and dryloop

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Re: e911 and dryloop

a dry loop has no dialtone on it and is not connected to the public phone network, so no 911 service on it, you'll want to call or do a chat support for verizon to find out what local rates are in your area.  The PUC and tarrifs are different for each state, so it may be a different price in california vs ny, or texas vs florida.  

here's there Contact Us link.  

They should have comparable rates.   

Congrats on the little one,  I have a 1 month old and an 18 month old.  It's a fun filled adventure.   🙂 

Re: e911 and dryloop
Super User
Super User

In my area when a Dry Loop DSL connection is set up, Verizon sends out a Fast Busy signal instead of a dial tone should you attempt to even use the phone. I'm not sure if 911 service works on the lines they provision in this case, due to the fact that you technically are not paying into the 911 service funds. Anyhow, Verizon should have at least a basic 911 package or a super cheap local calling plan that you can have provisioned for the just in case moment. Oh, and once you do get 911 service on the Dry Loop line, I suggest using a corded phone that can be ran off of the telephone network entirely. Do not rely on anything Wireless or needing external power as that would be asking for trouble.