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internet keeps coming & going! PLEASE HELP!
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Well I first got Verizon high-speed DSL last year & I only use it for my Xbox (XboxLive) & sometimes my windows phone I'll use the Wi-Fi. Aaaaaall this time I've had impeccable service till ever since yesterday morning it started going in & out. I have the D-link 2750B router & all the lights will be lit & green, I'll be watching a movie but then all the sudden sumtimes the DSL light will keep blinking even tho I'm still connected, or what happens most the time, the green light for "internet" will be the only one not lit, but all the other ones r lot solid green & that's when I lose internet. Usually I can reset my router & it will fix the problem & work but sometimes only for a hour or 2 or other times about 5-6 hrs n then stop working. It keeps going in & out. I've talked to numerous technicians over there phone & they all say pretty much the same thing. They have a tech coming out 2maro & they'll keep asking me if everything is connected, or am I using multiple devices... Look, it's so simple I try n tell them, I ONLY USE THE DSL FOR MY XBOX & THATS IT, NOTHING ELSE. And everything's the same, nothings been dropped, changed or moved so what the heck could be the problem?? When Verizon did their test over the phone they said there's a problem on my end but I can't imagine what! I hadn't done anything different or changed anything so CAN SUM 1 PLEASE HELP ME WITH ANY IDEAS that maybe had the same problem PLEASE??!
Re: internet keeps coming & going! PLEASE HELP!
Super User
Super User

#1 While I know your ISP might be not Comcast, I found some info that says that modem combos should be put into bridge mode (or use a standalone modem and a standalone router).

#2 I point to [url=]DSLR( -> Forums -> Broadband Tech -> Networking -> Modem/router(not in bridge mode) + router[/url] the reply by [b]DSLR user clarknova (#1713475)[/b] on [b]2013-Sep-18[/b] at [b]2:13 pm[/b]

#3 I point to [url= -> Forums -> O Canada! -> Canadian -> Rogers -> [Modem/Router] Can the Rogers WIFI Modem be set to Bridge Mode & turn off WIFI?[/url] the reply by [b]DSLR user puzz1ed (#1162591)[/b] on [b] 2015-Feb-15[/b] at [b]2:32 pm[/b]

#4 I point to [url=]DSLR( ->Forums -> Broadband Tech ->  Networking -> Between the 2 witch one should I pick???[/url]

a) the reply by [b]DSLR user Nightfall (#443491)[/b] on [b] 2015-Feb-5[/b] at [b]11:24 am[/b]

b) the reply by [b]DSLR user BlueMist (#1780151)[/b] on [b]2015-Feb-5[/b] at [b]11:33 am[/b]

#3 I point to [url=]DSLR(dslreport... -> Forums -> US Cable Support -> Time Warner Cable -> [Internet] I'm hoping for modem/router advice[/url] the reply by [b]DSLR user rchandra (#237843)[/b] on [b] 2015-Feb-3[/b] at [b]8:50 pm [/b]

#4 I point to [url=]DSLR(dslrepo... -> Forums -> US Cable Support -> Charter Internet/TV -> Does Charter Use A Separate Modem and Router?[/url]

a) the reply by [b]DSLR user arbit3r9 (#237843)[/b] on [b]2015-Jan-17[/b] at [b]1:43 am[/b]

b) the reply by [b]DSLR user Dogg (#824865)[/b] on [b]2015-Jan-21[/b] at [b]12:09 pm[/b]

#5 I point to [url=]DSLR(dslreports.c... -> Forums -> US Cable Support -> Time Warner Cable -> Suggestions for Cable modem Router Combo[/url]

a) the reply by [b]DSLR user maartena (#628714)[/b] on [b]2015-Jan-11[/b] at [b]6:32 pm[/b]

b) the reply by [b]DSLR user unoriginal (#171629)[/b] on [b] 2015-Jan-13[/b] at [b]1:30 am[/b]

c)  the reply by [b]DSLR user maartena (#628714)[/b] on [b]2015-Jan-13[/b] at [b]2:55 am [/b]

and on and on....


#1 Advice

a) Make sure that the WAN port of the RJ-45 WAN port router is connected to the modem combo.

b) Make sure that all of your computers are behind your RJ-45 WAN port router (what ever you get)

c) and put the broadband modem combo into bridge mode. As how to get the modem combo into bridge mode, you may need to contact your ISP and get help from them...

#2 If you have (or had) a spare computer that is not in use that works that either has:

a) Two NICs (and note at least one must be a wired NIC)

b) OR you can add a second NIC into the computer (For example by a second NIC into the computer I mean a PCI NIC like the TRENDnet - Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter (Model: TE100-PCIWN)  )

...then you could covert that spare computer that works into acting a NAT router. As noted / addressed at

#3 If want to use a spare computer as a NAT Router, before putting the modem combo into bridge mode: Be sure to know which NIC is which - as the NIC will not be ( LAN VS the WAN/ Internet / To Modem Port ) labeled!

#4 In your RJ-45 WAN port router, hardware based (example Linksys E4200v1 ) or software based (Examples that are listed at that DSLR news thing posted back on Tuesday Mar 20 2012 at 16:14 EST: m0n0wall, pfSense, Smoothwall, Untangle, and Astaro Security Gateway), forward the ports to your computer.