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ps3 won't connect to playstation network
Enthusiast - Level 1

I got a new modem (Model 6100G) and a new router (Linksys e3000).  Since I've set these up, I can't seem to connect onto psn.  It always says failed and that the connection timed out.  Is this something to do with my router settings?  I had a hard time setting up xbox live but I figured that out from doing the port forwarding on the verizon modem setup.  I can't do the ps3 on the modem setup though cause the drop down doesn't show ps3.  Anyone know how to fix this? 

Re: ps3 won't connect to playstation network
Super User
Super User


#1 Check the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Server(s) on your computer.

For example if you are on Windows XP..

a) Go to Start -> Run.

b) Type in cmd and press enter,

c) In the new window, called the command prompt, type in ipconfig /all and press enter.

#2 Go to the Default Gateway listed on your computer, and try to log-in.

#3 Where are you now:

Possible answers, as far as I know include:

a) In the Linksys e3000.

b) In the Westell 6100G.


#4 I know that the Linksys e3000, a power supply and a phone line are connected to the Westell 6100G.

#5 What else is connected (phyiscally/wired) to the Westell 6100G, besides the things that I listed in my last sentence above ?

Re: ps3 won't connect to playstation network
Enthusiast - Level 1

Are you sure this isn't related to Anonymous hacking PSN which took it out for about 23 days? The roll out to get people back up may be slow and PSN may not be back up for you yet. I have a PS3 and couldn't get on PSN like millions of others because PSN got hacked.

Even when it came back up I wasn't able to get on because they hadn't yet rolled out to me and when I tried to log on all I would get was "Playstation Network is currently undergoing maitnence" message. So it's probably that. 

Re: ps3 won't connect to playstation network
Super User
Super User

To add on to the above post, PSN is slowly coming back if it isn't already back for everyone to at least log in as it is. Make sure you perform a firmware upgrade on your PS3, as Sony stated it was a requirement to do so in order to log back into PSN.

If you haven't done so already, what DSLR is trying to touch on above is to make sure your Westell 6100G modem is bridged to the Linksys. Also, make sure your Linksys is running the latest firmware. Double NAT (since the Westell itself is a router) can sometimes cause the trouble you saw with the 360, as well as bad firmware. If your modem isn't already bridged, you should consider bridging it.