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slow internet no customer service
Enthusiast - Level 1
I've been trying for over 4 days to get my internet working, normally getting over the advertised 15/5 but since Friday 1/25/2013 is been slow. Saturday I ran several speed tests and averaged around 3Mbps down, but upload seemed normal,@5. Called in to c.s. and after a 45 minute wait, told them I had reset my Router, checked my router settings and they seemed normal, had disconnected and re established the connections from my devices to the router and checked with multiple devices and the speed was down. He saidi had done everything he would have tested and he was going to transfer me to a level 2 tech. 30 second hold and the new agent asked all the same account info, then told me I wasn't a " premier " subscriber and he'd be transferring me to sales so I could subscribe in order for them to assist me. When I told him I was not going to pay a fee to have them fix their service, I was put on hold again for 30+ minutes, then asked for a supervisor. Told him about the problem and the attempt at up selling, his response was wow that's weird. He asked to go through some of the same troubleshooting I told him I had already done, then asked me to use Verizon's speed test. I would not use theirs because it requires the installation of java which is a huge security risk. He told me he was going to have a technician work on the system on their end, whatever voodoo they needed to do and see if that would fix it, it would be done on Sunday or Monday. He asked if I wanted to be notified when the work was done, then took my # and said I'd get a text when it was done.
Same problems with slow connection Sunday and Monday, called Monday evening, eventually spoke to a supervisor who again wanted me to run their speed test, I refused to risk my security she then asked me to install Verizon's in home agent which I tried, but it is either very poorly written, has been compromised, or because my shoes is so slow, the file was corrupt , but I kept getting script errors and the app was unusable. She then told me they had to use it to determine if my computer was optimized for FiOS. I asked how 7 devices, 3 different operating systems and a mix of wired and wireless could all have had their settings changed, because everything on my network was showing the slow speed. Her statement was again we have to determine if your settings are optimized fire FiOS. Age then told me she was going to check and see if a tech could do anything rise to their equipment to correct the problem. Since I had not been told anyone had done anything I questioned her statement, she told me they had fixed my problem on Sunday. I said obviously not if my stored was down on Sunday, and had gotten worse on Monday. She said the ticket was closed Sunday, contrary to the info Verizon's automated system gave me on Sunday and Monday. She said she'd keep the ticket open and have them work on it, and if they didn't fix it she would set up an appointment for a tech. To come out.
Great customer service, do nothing while saying you are, blame the customers equipment. Repeat. Resolve nothing.
Enthusiast - Level 1

So I posted a couple hours ago about the abysmal customer service and attempts to shift the blame on the slow internet to my devices instead of Verizons service . They saw fit to post this " This message is being resolved in a private support area. " My question is , being resolved how ? By not allowing me to edit the post , by doing nothing other than sending me an email link to the post that has that statement attached ? Who are you "resolving" the issue with ?

Or are yoou refering to the fact that @ 10am I got a call from the supervisor (Daphne) I spoke to last night who said that YOUR tech services had checked and fixed the line on Sunday , left a message for me stating " there has been an outage in your area , we're aware of it and the tech. should have it fixed by this evening , and I will call you to check to see if this fixes your problem " ?

5 days of blaming me and my equipment to then change the game and say YOU have an outage , while claiming in the forum to be handling the issue privately ? With whom are you resolving this ?  Judging from the call volume on saturday with my 45 minute wait , you have had known you had a problem at least since then , but haven't wanted to address it . 

One expects a company to stand behind their product, not try to shift blame to the customer to buy themselves more time to do repairs.

I understand that my account doesn't bump the profit meter for you , but it would be nice if you could be up front and say " if were only making $106/mo. off of you with no contract , you might as well not call in because we aren't going to do anything to help you " so I know up front .


Edit: I was just told by C.S. that the "outage" the supervisor called me about has to do with phone customers not having dial tone , not internet outages. While on the phone with a supervisor , he said they rebuilt something , I checked my speed , and it seems to be back up , but the credit to my account I was promised by 2 supervisors is not in effect , more time on the phone with them.

Re: Really?
Contributor - Level 3

Hi acras,

Look in your Private Messages;  I'll send you a link to your Private Support Case.


Re: Really?
Master - Level 3


     We haven't heard back from you on your private support case to see if the outage clearing had fixed your internet speed. We assume it has since you haven't replied. Please make a post anytime you need assistance.