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A disturbing 'first'

Hi!  I've had Fios for about a year and it's performed almost flawlessly-- until yesterday.  Unprecedentedly, my internet connection was  severed at around 5 PM yesterday, and I was instantly left without either internet access or phone service.  The Fios device immediately tried to re-establish the internet connection but despite continuing to try-- relentlessly, valiantly!--  there was nothing but failure to reconnect for the next 9 hours.  And then suddenly-- long after I had abandoned all hope that the unit would restore the connecion without the intervention of Verizon techies visiting my home and making the necessary repairs, whatever they might be-- the router displayed the two constant white lights that signified a connection, I rushed to try to connect to a website and succeeded, and, essentially, all has been well in the few hours since.  (I may have very briefly lost the connection again but it was very quickly re-estabished.)

I have three questions:

1) Given the events I just described, what was the problem?

2) How was the problem solved without any apparent intervention by Verizon? ( I never was able to even report the problem to Verizon because I didn't have a working telephone.)

3) If I should again lose my internet connection in the future in a similar way, is there anything I can do to speed the restoration?

Re: A disturbing 'first'

However this is a customer helping customer forum. There could have been countless reasons for the loss of service. I know you said you don’t have a home phone. Do you have a cellular phone?

calling 1-800-VERIZON could or should get you a reason for the service outage.

evidently Verizon found the problem and fixed it.