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Alcatel i-211M-l ONT Fiber Optic Cable Spares

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for some information on the type of fiber optic cable that I need for the particular ONT that I have.  

As a preface to some concerns that I have seen in other posts, I do completely acknowledge that the ONT and provided cable is the property of Verizon. As such I am fully responsible for any and all damages and Verizon is under no obligation to provide any support to me for any adjustments I make.

Now onto my question! I have a bit an odd situation in my aparment in that half the electrical circuit of the apartment is connected to my neighbors breaker box, and the other half to mine. The apartment is old and the half connected to my neighbors breaker has a very low tolerance for current.  I have tried to mitigate these occurrences, but accidents with room-mates and guests make it difficult to account for everything and my neighbor is not always avaialble to flip the breaker in their box.  The big problem is I work from home and working off a hot-spot isn't a good work-around.   I have thought of also using a UPS, but another concern is the power-draw from charging the UPS might also in itself, flip the breaker.

For my particular installation my ONT (alcatel-lucent i-211M-I) is inside my apartment on the half that runs through the neighbors breaker. The fiber optic cable terminates with the same connector to the ONT and to the port in my wall.  What I am looking for in a contingency is to get a long enough length of fiber optic cable to temporarily run from one end of the apartment to the other to maintain my internet connection.

I hoping for some technical details as to the kind of cable I would need, the proper name of the connector that the ONT uses, and if it really would be as simple as moving the box to another electrical outlet and running the longer optic cable from the box back to the port in the wall.

Re: Alcatel i-211M-l ONT Fiber Optic Cable Spares

I found this thread which should be of use:

Why not call Verizon to see if they have a solution for either relocating your ONT, or assisting with moving your power supply unit to a room with better circuitry?

Great find! This is a step in the right direction. When...

Great find! This is a step in the right direction.

When I was moving into this apartment I had discussed the options with the service-person regarding the location of the ONT (this was before I knew about the electrical shenanigans).  Unfortunately a new port couldn't be added in my office to keep everything together, the only option was for them to run the length of cable all the way to the office. Due to concerns regarding the layout (no straight length of wall, cable would be running under doors and entry-ways) and the estimated cost (about 250$) I had decided to leave it where it was.

My hope is that the cable will be cheap enough as is to work as a temporary fix when needed, unless there are some problematic details in which it would be worth the cost to have verizon make a custom solution for me.

Re: Great find! This is a step in the right direction. When...
Super User
Super User

A ups is going to draw not much more current to charge batteries.

If the ckt is really that touchy, it could be overloaded which could be dangerous in and of itself.

And you would need to order a custom fiberoptic cable because its not something that can be done without proper training and equipment.

What about running an extension cord from your half? Or having an electrician run an outlet for you?