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Am I provisioned at the wrong speeds?

I ordered HSI 3mb download/768 upload & phone.   I'm getting around 150kbps down and 30kbps or so up. I juat got this activated. My install date is actually today but the dsl and phone we ordered came on two days ago after I got it in the mail. I have the stats here from my line. I don't really understand alot about it except what I've read the last couple of days. I believe Im kinda far out according to these numbers?  When I was ordering this I was told they couldn't guarantee the 3mb speed but that I would probrably get close to 3 or the highest possible.

   My question is I'm paying extra for the 3mb so shouldn't I be provisioned at 3000/768? Im getting less than half of that and not even getting the minimum upload speed. If this is the case I coul've just went with the lowest teir and got about the same speeds, which doesn't do it for me. The line inside the house is good I already checked it like 10 times. I can't get to anything outside( i live in an apartment and can't access it) Anyone that could help me I would greatly appreciate it. 

Whats my next move?

Broadband Mode Setting: ADSL2+
Broadband Negotiated Mode: ADSL2+
Connection Status: CONNECTED
Downstream Speed: 1792 Kbps
Upstream Speed: 447 Kbps
Retrains: 0
SNR Downstream: 9 dB
SNR Upstream: 23 dB
Attenuation Downstream: 62 dB
Attenuation Upstream: 33 dB
Power Downstream: 9.9 dBm
Power Upstream: 12.3 dBm

Re: Am I provisioned at the wrong speeds?
Super User
Super User

That's a long line and it's running near marginal levels at 1.5Mbps as is. You likely won't be getting anything better. As you can't access the Telco gear for your apartment to test the line out, see if you can get a Verizon tech out to improve the service. If the line is genuinely in good shape there won't be much that they can do.