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Can't setup MI424-WR to distribute internal DNS server via DHCP

I need to use an internal Windows DNS server as my primary and  any external DNS server as my secondary when delivering DHCP addresses to network hosts - basically the way Windows DNS provides scope options. The reason is that I need hosts to obtain local DNS information to tie into Active Directory whenver the server is on, but to access an external DNS server when the Windows server is down. I've tried several settings, the most relevant of which seems to be the DNS Server setting in Network Connections. Nothing works - all I get is the address of the MI424-WR when hosts do an IPCONFIG /release then IPCONFIG /renew. I thought the DNS Server setting in the router might be transparently used when hosts query it, but it's not. Proof - I can't ping internal hosts using their FQDNs. I can ping them using their NETBIOS names, so WINS is working. I'm using firmware version

I'd appreciate any ideas here. Otherwise, I may have to add another device just for DNS, which is a waste. Thanks.

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Re: Can't setup MI424-WR to distribute internal DNS server via DHCP
Let your server act as primary DNS and the Verizon router act as secondary. If you have two DHCP servers on any subnet network you are going to run into issues with Boot P, and who is supposed to answer the request for an IP. Set the scope to use the Server as primary dns fios router as secondary and fios router as default gateway. Disable DHCP on the fios router. Only way I know of making it work. If you need the clients to always have an address without depending on DHCP from the Windows server that may be down, then you could make the clients static. If you have TV then the STB would need to be issued an IP in the range of x.x.x.100-107. The Verizon router knows to give these addresses to the STB. But the only way I know to do this on another router, DHCP is by MAC address.
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