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Can you help me get DSL if you are one of Verizon experts .please help

The following is what I sent to Verizon customer service.Can anyone help me get that through to the concerned office or tech?

I moved to ({edited for privacy}) in 1997.

-         After a couple of years and since we had three properties on the same road we were able to change the road name address to Wahdan farm rd, with property numbers ,{edited for privacy}(my home) ,{edited for privacy}( my mother in law ),{edited for privacy}( an office building ).
-         The three buildings share the same phone box which is equal distance from all three (about 50 feet).
-         At some point of time my mother in law ({edited for privacy}) had a DSL line service, which she later disconnected.
I have been trying to get DSL service for my home or business (both at the same address {edited for privacy}) but several times after sending me the equipment and prequalifying me, Verizon cancels the order with the following reasons:
No available lines distance too great for service, or incompatibility of equipment.
-         I know the distance is within the requirement as my mother in law who had DSL is at exactly the same distance from the phone office that my house is.
-         Verizon have prequalified my equipment by sending a repair person to my place once before and decided that it was ok and the line is ok.
-         I have been pre approved several times before, until a couple of days later I get mysteriously disapproved.
I raised the issue with a repairman of Verizon who graciously investigated it and found out that Verizon does not have my new address ({edited for privacy} ) on version technical maps or records ,or show the distance erroniously ,and accordingly I get rejected every time due to that reason.
Since I cannot hope for FIOS or cable to reach my residence on Wahdan farm in the foreseeable future,
I would appreciate that Verizon would correct that erroneous entry or connect me with someone to discuss that issue and remedy it so that I can enjoy the least of Verizon services.
P.S. my house used to have the following phone numbers from Verizon despite not existing on the maps: {edited for privacy}, and {edited for privacy}.
Your attention to this matter will be greatly appreciated.

{edited for privacy}

Re: Can you help me get DSL if you are one of Verizon experts .please help

I'm sorry you are having difficulty. An agent with access to your account will reach out to you directly by email, private message in the Forums and/or the billing telephone number on your Verizon account for more information or to help you resolve your issue.

Re: Can you help me get DSL if you are one of Verizon experts .please help

The next time you attempt to order service, have a ticket put in to engineering to have them fix the pre-qualification database if that really is the issue. If it's not the issue, from that point I would ask if there are any additional slots available in your area. If you're on a remote DSLAM rather than coming out of the Central Office where they have racks of DSLAMs, it could be possible all of the ports are filled and Verizon can't add more lines to the gear without installing more or waiting for a cancelation to take place.