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DSL (768Kb/s) extremely slow upload speeds

I've had this very slow upload problem since I got dsl from verizon approx. 5 years ago now.

I just lived with it. The speed of upload tests at between .01-.05Mb/s. I can't even attach a picture to email unless it's shrunk down to about 50Kb. 

I recently got verizon tech support to send me a new modem-I'm using the westell 6100 series the new one is a model "G".

I did put the 6100G into bridge mode correctly (following the broadband guides & howtos). My router has PPPoE set for the connection and the correct username/password. 

But really nothing changed in going to the new modem. The upload is still so slow that it's useless for practical purposes.

Well to be honest the old modem sometimes tested at 0.00Mb/s and I/m not seeing that low a "speed" anymore on tests at The ping tests at between 70-76ms and the download tests at 70-74M/**bleep** both of which I believe are acceptable.

I've really done a lot of research and checking on this. I feel that dealing with verizon's tech support is not the answer so I will probably call their business office and shutoff my HSI and move to Time Warner.

Just posting to say that I'm dissatisfied with what verizon provides both in service and support.

Re: DSL (768Kb/s) extremely slow upload speeds

If you would still like help in troubleshooting the DSL's slow upload speeds, please start off by posting your modem's Transceiver Statistics along with a speed test from

Re: DSL (768Kb/s) extremely slow upload speeds

Hey Smith, That measurementlab website didn't seem to work. I let the test run for over an hour and nothing else was accessing my connection-it NEVER completed.

Thanks for the attempt but now I'm just sick of crap service and there is no real competition to verizon-certainly none for dsl in this whole NE area. There's no useable PSC either anymore because "we" don't want government regulation.

I'll just quit verislowzone and use free wifi at cafes!!!

No need to respond-I'm done with paying for extremely poor service.